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UPM Researcher Developed Leptospires Games


SERDANG, April 30 - Researchers from Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) developed The Adventure of Leptospires is an RPG game designed to create awareness on leptospirosis to the public. The RPG game created with a storyline of a scientist (the player) were sent to the village to investigate the mysterious death of the residents after celebrating a festival.

Project leader, Assoc.Prof. Dr Syafinaz Amin Nordin from Department of Microbiology and Medical Parasitology,Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences UPM saidn that the game has 3 levels. It takes a maximum of 15 minutes to finish all three levels. The first level, expose the player about what is the disease (leptospirosis).

“In the second level, the player will learn about the transmission and the final level is the treatment and symptoms. While playing the game, the player will learn about prevention of leptospirosis. If the player did not follow the instruction to prevent themselves from contracting the disease, the player lose marks and eventually died before proceed to the next level. The winner is the one who succeed all levels.”, she said. 

She asserted that there are 3 levels. The first level, the player has to key in their name and press play. “The player read the dialogue between Dr Wans and the player. Then, the player will meet Dr Naz and talks about the death of the residents. The player will start the game by searching for 5 samples. There are infected dogs, and if the player doesn’t avoid, the player will get infected and marks will be reduced. After sample collection, the player will go to the next level, the samples were sent to the lab and the result is positive for leptospirosis. So, in the second level, player has to catch and fight the rats that causes the spread of leptospirosis. The player must fight for 5 minutes. Next level, the player must give treatment to the residence but the player must avoid the dogs and the rats that still can attack the player and causing leptospirosis.

It uses role play game software as a way to educate people about leptospirosis.”, she said. According to her, the research starts from June 2017 and finished on August 2018 to develop the games. “This invention have several advantages such as it can create a new innovative method of team-building activities, this product can make learning more fun in class at the same time creating awareness the students about leptospirosis, as a learning tool for teachers who are constantly finding new ways to teach in a fun and creative way and a new method in creating public awareness that increase their understanding and effects of leptospirosis in daily live”, she said.

This invention won Gold Medal at International University Carnival on E-Learning (IUCEL) 2017.

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