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17 New Innovations of UPM to Meet IR 4.0 Education

SERDANG, 6 Mac - Faculty of Education in collaboration with Putra Science Park (PSP) highlighted 17 latest innovations from UPM in education through mini exhibitions held in conjunction with the launch of Putra Future Classroom (PFC), at FPP UPM. All of these innovative exhibitions are categorized into 3 categories such as mobile applications, gamification and immersive to illustrate the current innovation towards the Industry Revolution 4.0 education.

Putra Future Classroom (PFC) as an initiative of ‘Smart Campus’ aimed to promote the learning ecosystem and technology assisted teaching to make it more conducive and fun for students and other campus citizens. The PFC launch was inaugurated by Minister of Education, Dr Maszlee Malik at the UPM Faculty of Educational Studies Auditorium here yesterday.

In line with the era of Industrial Revolution 4.0 and Education Plan 4.0, PFC functions as a reference centre for prototype of future classroom or lecture room that utilises best practices of technology integration in learning and teaching.

PFC uses current interactive and blended learning and teaching approaches and takes advantage of modern technology application opportunities such as cloud, augmented and virtual realities, internet of things, data analytics and artificial intelligence built around the core of education that would become the root and foundation for its every plan.

In his launching speech, Dr Maszlee said that higher learning institutions and private companies should work together to create applications or devices that would facilitate teaching and learning, including teaching of English and Mathematics and for children at pre-school level. He mentioned that friendly applications for senior citizen and retiree should also be developed on the basis of lifelong learning as age is no longer a barrier to education.  

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