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Versmap helps increases an alternative source of livestock

SERDANG, September 15 – Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) researchers have successfully developed a high-tech, cutting-edge crop technology capable of increasing the production of Azolla Pinnata aquatic plants as an alternative food source known as Versmap.

Through this technology, Azolla's production could be increased to four times as much as 900 kilograms per month per Versmap and able to feed 3000 ducks.

Versmap is also able to save up to 50 percent of the cost of livestock besides being easy to maintain.

According to the lead researcher of this technology, Prof. Madya Dr. Rosnah Shamsudin of the Faculty of Engineering, Azolla's method of building pools on land could not afford food for large scale livestock.

"With the current method, Azolla is grown using water reservoirs, which means that by building an underground pond, the breeders earn only 30 kilograms of Azolla for every 10 meters per hectare for a month that is sufficient to supply only 200 ducks," he said.

The width of a standard Versmap covers 80 feet per square foot and if built up to four floors, the total area will be 320 feet per square and can produce a yield of up to 150 pounds in just one harvest.

“Azolla can be harvested six times a month. If once harvested up to 150 pounds, the whole harvest could reach up to 900 pounds a month for a Versmap ward. In conclusion, if 1000 ducks need 320kg of Azolla a month, then a ward can provide food for almost 3000 ducks, ”he added.

The technology is developed taking into account various factors such as the adequacy of the sun's light, the rate of fertilization, the ease of harvesting, the drying and quality as well as the iron standards used.

This technology is licensed and licensed to Pinnata Niaga Resources Sdn. Bhd. and has been commercialized targeting agro-industry companies such as breeders, livestock suppliers and related government and private agencies.

In addition to Dr. Rosnah, this technology was developed in collaboration with Che Mohd Syafiq Che Ahmad, Dr. Mohd Zuhair Mohd Nor and Prof. Madya Dr. Che Man's epicenter is fully completed at UPM in 2018.

In addition, he also won several gold medals at the International Engineering Invention & Innovation Exhibition (I-Envex), 2018 and the Johan KIK National Level at the Innovative and Creative Group (KIK) Convention, 2018 organized by the Ministry of Agriculture and Agro-based Industry. - UPM

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