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Rubber Wall Damper Device

The experience of recent earthquake in Sabah (2015) which led to damage the structures and injure people indicated the need to improve the stability and strength of buildings, especially for seismic loads.

By considering the potential of Malaysian rubber in absorbing the vibration effect, the special wall panel system using High Damping rubber is developed to be installed in the structure and absorb the vibration in structure and diminish effect of structural movement due to any dynamic loads by increasing the overall lateral resistance capacity and damping characteristics of building structures.
The Rubber Wall Damper device is consists of high damping rubber sandwiched between steel plates and device is installed inside of frame by bolting to the floor and top beam. Therefore, during the structural movement, the interstory vibration is transmitted from the floor to the rubber wall damper and then to the top floor and the vibration energy is damped via deformations of the rubber. After fabricating the prototype and conducting experimental test using dynamic actuator, it is proven that 50% to 70% of vibration effects in the structures could be reduced by using Rubber Wall Damper.

This device can be implemented in any structure subjected to vibration and can be utilized on both new design of earthquake resistance buildings or seismic rehabilitation of existing buildings. It is also economical as it is made from inexpensive local raw materials such as rubber and the developed product would cost almost one third of the price of alternative products with the same performance available in the current market.

The wall damper is made by steel plates which high damping rubber is used inside of panel to dissipate vibration during movement of frame. Therefore, when the structure move, there is displacement between upper and down floor which this displacement is transfer to the rubber which positioned inside of wall panel and rubber act in shear to dissipate the vibration and reduce effect of vibration on buildings. This device is applicable for any seismic intensity and able to act in catastrophic earthquake excitation.
The Rubber Wall Damper is licensed to Hercules Engineering (SEA) Sdn Bhd Company which has high expertise and experience in Expansion Joints and Vibration Isolation Systems for the last 24 years. Then the full scale size of wall damper manufactured and tested in the worldwide unique shaking table in University California San Diego for performance verification.

Now the developed device is ready for commercialization and implement in real construction project to diminish the vibration effect on structures.
Patent Filing No: US15534265 (USA), PI 2018701533 (Malaysia)

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Farzad Hejazi
Dept. of Civil Engineering, Faculty of Engineering

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