Research Agreement managed by RMC is research agreements involving research collaboration with the UPM and the institution / organization (not including a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) research). There are some processes / procedures must be followed by the RMC before the agreement is signed;

  1. Review and recommendation from the UPM's Office of the Legal Advisor.
  2. Approval from University Management Committee Meeting (JPU).
  3. Recommendation / notification  from Finance Committee Meeting (JKTK).
  4. Endorsement from Board Meeting University (LPU) after the agreement was signed.


There are four (4) formats of UPM research agreement which can be obtained from the RMC (03-97691624 / 1632) for cooperation with the institution / organization / company.

  1. The format of Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) research.
  2. The format of Master R & D Collaboration Agreement (MoA) - Both parties conduct the research and one party provide the fund / both parties provide the funds.
  3. The format of R & D Funding Agreement (MoA) - Comp UPM - UPM researchers conduct the research, the institution / organization provide the fund.
  4. The format of R & D Funding Agreement (MoA) - UPM Comp - The institutions / organizations conduct the research, UPM provides the fund.


All signed agreements (Malaysia or International agreement) must be stamped in Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia (LHDN), Malaysia.

'Stamp Duty is a duty imposed on document / instrument listed under the First Schedule of Stamp Act 1949 which has legal, commercial or financial implication' - Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia.


• For a review of the draft of NDA / MoA / LoA / Others Research Document to the UPM legal, Project Leader / PTJ need to complete and submit the application form to the RMC. The application forms are:

  1. Application Form for NDA.
  2. Application Form for Research MoA / LoA.
  3. Application Form for Others Research Document.


Application form can download here (refer to the title of RESEARCH AGREEMENT).



Updated:: 04/09/2022 [engkuliyana]