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1 Mohamed Shaffril H.A., Samah A.A., Samsuddin S.F., Ali Z.

Mirror-mirror on the wall, what climate change adaptation strategies are practiced by the Asian's fishermen of all?

Systematic review; Asian fishermen; Climate change adaptation; Climate change impacts Journal of Cleaner Production Q1
2 Samah A.A., Shaffril H.A.M., Fadzil M.F.

Comparing adaptation ability towards climate change impacts between the youth and the older fishermen

Climate change; FishermanAdaptation; Community development Science of the Total Environment Q1
3 Atiqah A., Jawaid M., Sapuan S.M., Ishak M.R., Ansari M.N.M., Ilyas R.A.

Physical and thermal properties of treated sugar palm/glass fibre reinforced thermoplastic polyurethane hybrid composites

Sugar palm fibre; Glass fibre; Hybrid composites; Physical properties; Thermal properties Journal of Materials Research and Technology Q1
4 Saba N., Alothman O.Y., Almutairi Z., Jawaid M., Ghori W. Date palm reinforced epoxy composites: Tensile, impact and morphological properties

Date palm stem fiber; Epoxy resin; Polymer composites; Tensile properties; Impact strength; Morphological properties

Journal of Materials Research and Technology Q1
5 Basri E.I., Mustapha F., Sultan M.T.H., Basri A.A., Abas M.F., Majid M.S.A., Ahmad K.A.

Conceptual design and simulation validation based finite element optimisation for tubercle leading edge composite wing of an unmanned aerial vehicle

Laminates composite wing; Rib-reinforced; Monocoque-foam; Finite element analysis Journal of Materials Research and Technology Q1
6 Basri E.I., Sultan M.T.H., Faizal M., Basri A.A., Abas M.F., Majid M.S.A., Mandeep J.S., Ahmad K.A.

Performance analysis of composite ply orientation in aeronautical application of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) NACA4415 wing

Laminated composite wing; Ply orientation; Finite element; Optimum design; Composite structure Journal of Materials Research and Technology Q1
7 Kavi Rajan R., Hussein M.Z., Fakurazi S., Yusoff K., Masarudin M.J.

Increased ROS Scavenging and Antioxidant Efficiency of Chlorogenic Acid Compound Delivered via a Chitosan Nanoparticulate System for Efficient In Vitro Visualization and Accumulation in Human Renal Adenocarcinoma Cells

chitosan nanoparticles; chlorogenic acid; chemopreventive; nanobiotechnology; drug encapsulated chitosan nanoparticles; in vitro accumulation of encapsulated chlorogenic acid; 1;1-Diphenyl-2-picrylhydrazine assay; MTT assay

International journal of molecular sciences Q2
8 Jacob P.J., Masarudin M.J., Hussein M.Z., Rahim R.A.

Optimization of process parameters influencing the sustainable construction of iron oxide nanoparticles by a novel tropical wetlands Streptomyces spp.

Melanin induced; Bionanoparticles; Optimization; Size; Polydispersity; Temperature; Biomass; Precursor concentration; Reaction kinetics Journal of Cleaner Production Q1

Radzi A.M., Sapuan S.M., Jawaid M., Mansor M.R.

Water absorption, thickness swelling and thermal properties of roselle/sugar palm fibre reinforced thermoplastic polyurethane hybrid composites

Roselle fibre; Sugar palm fibre; Hybrid composites; Thermoplastic polyurethane

Journal of Materials Research and Technology

10 Alaaeddin M.H., Sapuan S.M., Zuhri M.Y.M., Zainudin E.S., Al-Oqla F.M.

Development of photovoltaic module with fabricated and evaluated novel backsheet-based biocomposite materials

solar modules; photovoltaic applications; novel backsheets; electrical and thermal performances Materials Q2
11 Harighi M.F., Wahid H., Thomson P.C., Rafii M.Y., Jesse F.F.A.

Novel SNPs in the SPAG11 gene and association with testicular biometric variables in Boer goats and application of the levelled-container technique

Levelled-container; Testicular volume; SNP; SPAG11; Goat Animal Reproduction Science Q1

Abels E.R., Maas S.L.N., Nieland L., Wei Z., Cheah P.S., Tai E., Kolsteeg C.-J., Dusoswa S.A., Ting D.T., Hickman S., El Khoury J., Krichevsky A.M., Broekman M.L.D., Breakefield X.O.

Glioblastoma-Associated Microglia Reprogramming Is Mediated by Functional Transfer of Extracellular miR-21 miRNAs; exosomes; brain tumour; microglia Cell Reports Q1
13 Zabaruddin N.H., Mohamed N.H., Abdullah L.C., Tamada M., Ueki Y., Seko N., Choong T.S.Y. Palm oil-based biodiesel synthesis by radiation-induced kenaf catalyst packed in a continuous flow system

Bio-based heterogeneous catalyst; Kenaf fiber; Biodiesel; Radiation-induced graft polymerization; Fatty acid ethyl ester; Continuous flow system

Industrial Crops and Products Q1

Yuswan M.H., Aizat W.M., Desa M.N.M., Hashim A.M., Rahim N.A., Mustafa S., Mohamed R., Lamasudin D.U.

Improved gel-enhanced liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry by chemometrics for halal proteomics Chemometrics; GeLCMS; Bottom-up proteomics; Protein markerPCA Chemometrics and Intelligent Laboratory Systems Q1
15 Zainudin M.H.M., Mustapha N.A., Hassan M.A., Bahrin E.K., Tokura M., Yasueda H., Shirai Y.

A highly thermostable crude endoglucanase produced by a newly isolated Thermobifida fusca strain UPMC 901

Cellulolytic bacteria; Endoglucanase; Thermostable enzyme; Thermobifida fuscacUPMC 901 Scientific reports Q1

Mohd Isa N.H., Selvarajah G.T., Khor K.H., Tan S.W., Manoraj H., Omar N.H., Omar A.R., Mustaffa-Kamal F.

Molecular detection and characterisation of feline morbillivirus in domestic cats in Malaysia Feline morbillivirus (FeMV); Molecular characterisation; N gene; L gene; Domestic cats; Malaysia Veterinary Microbiology Q1

Aziz Z.A.A., Nasir H.M., Ahmad A., Setapar S.H.M., Ahmad H., Noor M.H.M., Rafatullah M., Khatoon A., Kausar M.A., Ahmad I., Khan S., Al-Shaeri M., Ashraf G.M.

Enrichment of Eucalyptus oil nanoemulsion by micellar nanotechnology: transdermal analgesic activity using hot plate test in rats' assay Eucalyptus globulus; micellar nanoparticles; nanoemulsion; analgesic activity Scientific reports Q1
18 Hasan H., Abd Rahim M.H., Campbell L., Carter D., Abbas A., Montoya A.

Improved lovastatin production by inhibiting (+)-geodin biosynthesis in Aspergillus terreus

Aspergillus terreus; Gene knockout; Lovastatin; (+)-Geodin; Emodin anthrone polyketide synthase New Biotechnology Q1
19 Norlia M., Jinap S., Nor-Khaizura M.A.R., Radu S., Chin C.K., Samsudin N.I.P., Farawahida A.H.

Molecular characterisation of aflatoxigenic and non-aflatoxigenic strains of aspergillus section flavi isolated from imported peanuts along the supply chain in Malaysia

peanuts; aflatoxins; Aspergillus flavus; aflatoxin biosynthesis gene Toxins Q1
20 Soo H.L., Quah S.Y., Sulaiman I., Sagineedu S.R., Lim J.C.W., Stanslas J.

Advances and challenges in developing andrographolide and its analogues as cancer therapeutic agents

Pancreatic and Lung Cancers; Anti-Ras; Andrographolide Derivatives; Preclinical and Clinical Data; Cancer Therapy Drug Discovery Today Q1
21 Wang Y., Bi L., Liao Y., Lu D., Zhang H., Liao X., Liang J.B., Wu Y.

Influence and characteristics of Bacillus stearothermophilus in ammonia reduction during layer manure composting

Layer manure; Composting; Ammonia; Bacillus stearothermophilusIndigenous microorganism Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety Q1
22 Izuddin W.I., Loh T.C., Samsudin A.A., Foo H.L., Humam A.M., Shazali N.

Effects of postbiotic supplementation on growth performance, ruminal fermentation and microbial profile, blood metabolite and GHR, IGF-1 and MCT-1 gene expression in post-weaning lambs

Postbiotics; Lactobacillus plantarum; Growth performance; Rumen fermentation; Blood metabolite; Gene expression; Nutrient uptake; Post-weaning lambs BMC Veterinary Research Q1
23 Kenzo T., Yoneda R., Tanaka-Oda A., Azani M.A. Growth performance and leaf ecophysiological traits in three Aquilaria species in Malaysia

Agarwood; Aquilaria hirt; Aquilaria malaccensis; Aquilaria subintegra; Drought tolerance; Photosynthesis; Water use efficiency

New Forests Q1
24 Yunus N.A.M., Othman M., Hanapi Z.M., Yeah Lun K. Enhancement Replicated Network: A Reliable Multistage Interconnection Network Topology

Multistage interconnection network (MIN); replicated network; reliability performance; shuffle-exchange network (SEN); terminal reliability

IEEE Systems Journal Q1
25 Al-Mansoori M.H., Al-Alimi A.W., Sarmani A.R., Abas A.F., Alresheedi M.T., Mahdi M.A.

Wide-uniform triple Brillouin frequency spacing multi-wavelength fiber laser assisted by a distributed Raman amplifier

Brillouin; fiber laser; multi-wavelength; stimulated Raman scattering Optics Express Q1

Talib A.T., P. Mohammed M.A., Baharuddin A.S., Mokhtar M.N., Wakisaka M.

Mechanical characterisation of lignocellulosic fibres using toy bricks tensile tester Toy-bricks tensile tester; Anisotropic viscoelastic; Lignocellulosic fibres Journal of the Mechanical Behavior of Biomedical Materials Q1
27 Masdor N.A., Altintas Z., Shukor M.Y., Tothill I.E. Subtractive inhibition assay for the detection of Campylobacter jejuni in chicken samples using surface plasmon resonance

Surface plasmon resonance (SPR); Subtractive inhibition assay; Campylobacter jejuni; chicken sample; biosensor.

Scientific reports Q1
28 Mustapha Kamil Y., Al-Rekabi S.H., Yaacob M.H., Syahir A., Chee H.Y., Mahdi M.A., Abu Bakar M.H.

Detection of dengue using PAMAM dendrimer integrated tapered optical fiber sensor

Dengue; biosensor; tapered fiber Scientific reports Q1
29 Muthukrishnan S., Defoirdt T., Ina-Salwany M.Y., Yusoff F.M., Shariff M., Ismail S.I., Natrah I.

Vibrio parahaemolyticus and Vibrio harveyi causing Acute Hepatopancreatic Necrosis Disease (AHPND) in Penaeus vannamei (Boone, 1931) isolated from Malaysian shrimp ponds

Vibriosis; Early mortality syndrome; Whiteleg shrimp Aquaculture Q1
30 Hamzah K.B., Nik Long N.M.A., Senu N., Eshkuvatov Z.K.

Stress intensity factor for multiple cracks in bonded dissimilar materials using hypersingular integral equations

Multiple cracks; Dissimilar materials; Hypersingular integral equation; Stress intensity factors Applied Mathematical Modelling Q1

Waheed M., Butt M.S., Shehzad A., Adzahan N.M., Shabbir M.A., Rasul Suleria H.A., Aadil R.M.

Eggshell calcium: A cheap alternative to expensive supplements Waste treatment; Fortification; Eggshell calcium; Hypertension Trends in Food Science and Technology Q1
32 Han Lyn F., Chin Peng T., Ruzniza M.Z., Nur Hanani Z.A.

Effect of oxidation degrees of graphene oxide (GO) on the structure and physical properties of chitosan/GO composite films

Graphene oxide; Oxidation; Chitosan; Nanocomposite films; Biodegradability Food Packaging and Shelf Life Q1
33 Stear A., Ali A.O.A., Brujeni G.N., Buitkamp J., Donskow-Łysoniewska K., Fairlie-Clarke K., Groth D., Isa N.M.M., Stear M.J.

Identification of the amino acids in the Major Histocompatibility Complex class II region of Scottish Blackface sheep that are associated with resistance to nematode infection

Major Histocompatibility Complex; Sheep; Ovine; Haplotype; Scottish Blackface; Nematode; Teladorsagia circumcincta International Journal for Parasitology Q1
34 Asadi S., Nilashi M., Safaei M., Abdullah R., Saeed F., Yadegaridehkordi E., Samad S. Investigating factors influencing decision-makers’ intention to adopt Green IT in Malaysian manufacturing industry

Manufacturing sector decision-makers perspectives; Norm activation theory; Theory of planned behavior; Green IS; Green IT

Resources, Conservation and Recycling Q1
35 Praveena S.M., Mohd Rashid M.Z., Mohd Nasir F.A., Sze Yee W., Aris A.Z.

Occurrence and potential human health risk of pharmaceutical residues in drinking water from Putrajaya (Malaysia)

Pharmaceutical; Occurrence; Drinking water; Health risks Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety Q1
36 Zaibon S., Anderson S.H., Veum K.S., Haruna S.I.

Soil thermal properties affected by topsoil thickness in switchgrass and row crop management systems

Thermal conductivity; Thermal diffusivity; Heat capacity; Claypan; Biofuel crop Geoderma Q1
37 Fakiruddin K.S., Lim M.N., Nordin N., Rosli R., Zakaria Z., Abdullah S.

Targeting of CD133+ cancer stem cells by mesenchymal stem cell expressing TRAIL reveals a prospective role of apoptotic gene regulation in non-small cell lung cancer

mesenchymal stem cell; TRAIL; cytotherapy; apoptosis; cancer stem cells; non-small cell lung cancer Cancers Q1
38 Ding L., Zhang B., Tan C.P., Fu X., Huang Q.

Effects of limited moisture content and storing temperature on retrogradation of rice starch

Rice starch; Retrogradation; Moisture content; Storing temperature International Journal of Biological Macromolecules Q1

Sheng Lau K., Chin S.X., Tan S.T., Lim F.S., Sea Chang W., Chin Yap C., Jumali M.H.H., Zakaria S., Chook S.W., Chia C.H.

Silver nanowires as flexible transparent electrode: Role of PVP chain length Flexible; Flow chemistry; Silver nanowires; Transparent conductive film Journal of Alloys and Compounds Q1
40 Sangar S.K., Lan C.S., Razali S.M., Farabi M.S.A., Taufiq-Yap Y.H.

Methyl ester production from palm fatty acid distillate (PFAD) using sulfonated cow dung-derived carbon-based solid acid catalyst

Biodiesel; Cow dung; Esterification; PFAD; Sulfonated carbon Energy Conversion and Management Q1
41 Ibrahim N.A., Rashid U., Taufiq-Yap Y.H., Yaw T.C.S., Ismail I.

Synthesis of carbonaceous solid acid magnetic catalyst from empty fruit bunch for esterification of palm fatty acid distillate (PFAD)

Magnetic catalyst; Esterification; Palm fatty acid distillate; Biodiesel Energy Conversion and Management Q1

Baqiah H., Talib Z.A., Shaari A.H., Dihom M.M., Kechik M.M.A., Chen S.K., Liew J.Y.C., Zainal Z., Mohd Fudzi L.

Structural, optical, magnetic and photoelectrochemical properties of (BiFeO3)1−x(Fe3O4)x nanocomposites Nanocomposites PL spectra; ESR Band gap Photocurrent density Exchange bias  Journal of Sol-Gel Science and Technology Q1

Tashkandi B., Kaur D., Latifi E., Tallman D.A., Chinna K., Daud Z.A.M., Karupaiah T., Alhozali H., Khosla P.

Lipids, Lipoprotein Distribution and Nutritional Parameters over the Ramadan Period in Hemodialysis Patients Ramadan; hemodialysis; plasma lipids; lipoprotein particles; nutrition; anthropometrics Nutrients Q1
44 Khmag A., Ramli A.R., Kamarudin N.

Clustering-based natural image denoising using dictionary learning approach in wavelet domain

Wavelets; Clustering; Image denoising; Dictionary learning; Semi-soft thresholding; Sparse coding Soft Computing Q2
45 Maulidiani M., Abdul-Hamid N.A., Abas F., Park Y.S., Park Y.-K., Kim Y.M., Gorinstein S.

Detection of bioactive compounds in persimmon (Diospyros kaki) using UPLC-ESI-Orbitrap-MS/MS and fluorescence analyses

Diospyros kaki L.; Metabolites; UPLC-ESI-Orbitrap-MS/MS; Polyphenols; Antioxidants; Fluorescence Microchemical Journal Q2

Hamza A.M., Halimah M.K., Muhammad F.D., Chan K.T., Usman A., Faznny M.F., Zaitizila I., Tafida R.A.

Structural, optical and thermal properties of Er3+-Ag codoped bio-silicate borotellurite glass Bio-silicate; Judd-Ofelt; Optical gain; McCumber; Emission cross section; Figure of merit Results in Physics Q2
47 Mohammed Z., Hizam H., Gomes C. Lightning-induced transient effects in a hybrid PV–wind system and mitigation strategies

Hybrid PV–wind system; Transient voltage; Transient current; Lightning effect; Heidler function; Lightning protection system

Electric Power Systems Research Q2
48 Azahar N.H., Ab Dullah S.S., Abdullah R., Ahmat N., Md Akim A., Ab Hamid H.

Mutagenic Study of Benzimidazole Derivatives with (+S9) and without (-S9) Metabolic Activation

benzimidazole; Ames test; structure–activity relationship (SAR) International journal of molecular sciences Q2
49 Wan-Nadilah W.A., Akhtar M.T., Shaari K., Khatib A., Hamid A.A., Hamid M. Variation in the metabolites and α-glucosidase inhibitory activity of Cosmos caudatus at different growth stages

Cosmos caudatus; α-Glucosidase inhibition; Total phenolic content; Harvesting age; Quercetin derivatives; NMR-based metabolomics

BMC complementary and alternative medicine Q2
50 Hapishah A.N., Hamidon M.N., Syazwan M.M., Shafiee F.N.

Effect of grain size on microstructural and magnetic properties of holmium substituted yttrium iron garnets (Y1.5Ho1.5Fe5O12)

Mechanical alloying (MA); Magnetic properties; Rare earth; Microwave ferrites Results in Physics Q2
51 Hussin M., Hamid A.A., Abas F., Ramli N.S., Jaafar A.H., Roowi S., Majid N.A., Dek M.S.P. NMR-based metabolomics profiling for radical scavenging and anti-aging properties of selected herbs

radical scavenging; elastase inhibitor; collagenase inhibitor; metabolomics; multivariate data analysis; proton NMR; compound profiling

Molecules Q2
52 Hamzah M.H., Ahmad Asri M.F., Che Man H., Mohammed A.

Prospective Application of Palm Oil Mill Boiler Ash as a Biosorbent: Effect of Microwave Irradiation and Palm Oil Mill Effluent Decolorization by Adsorption

microwave irradiation; boiler ashes; biosorbents; palm oil mill effluent; decolorization International journal of environmental research and public health Q2
53 Krishna D., Mohd Zulkefli N.A., Md Said S., Mahmud A.

Sociodemographic and health care factors in determining immunization defaulters among preschool children in Petaling District, Selangor: A cross-sectional study in Malaysia

Immunization; Defaulters; Prevalence; Malaysia BMC Public Health Q2

Tuan Ismail T.N.M., Ibrahim N.A., Sendijarevic V., Sendijarevic I., Schiffman C.M., Hoong S.S., Mohd Noor M.A., Poo Palam K.D., Yeong S.K., Idris Z., Abd. Malek E., Zainuddin N., Sendijarevic A.

Thermal and mechanical properties of thermoplastic urethanes made from crystalline and amorphous azelate polyols azelate polyols; crystalline and amorphous; thermoplastic urethanes; thermo‐mechanical properties Journal of Applied Polymer Science Q2
55 Jamali N.S., Dzul Rashidi N.F., Jahim J.M., O-Thong S., Jehlee A., Engliman N.S.

Thermophilic biohydrogen production from palm oil mill effluent: Effect of immobilized cells on granular activated carbon in fluidized bed reactor

Biohydrogen productionImmobilized cells; Activated carbon; Palm oil mill effluent; Fluidized bed reactor Food and Bioproducts Processing Q2
56 Md Roduan M.R., Abd Hamid R., Mohtarrudin N.

Modulation of cancer signalling pathway(s) in two -stage mouse skin tumorigenesis by annonacin

Annonacin; Antitumor promotion; Gene expression; Skin tumorigenesis BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine Q2
57 Nigjeh S.E., Yeap S.K., Nordin N., Rahman H., Rosli R.

In vivo anti-tumor effects of citral on 4T1 breast cancer cells via induction of apoptosis and downregulation of aldehyde dehydrogenase activity

breast cancer; tumorigenicity; ALDH; citral Molecules Q2
58 Weng P.L., Ramli R., Hamat R.A.

Antibiotic Susceptibility Patterns, Biofilm Formation and esp Gene among Clinical Enterococci: Is There Any Association?

esp gene; biofilm; antibiotic resistance; enterococci International journal of environmental research and public health Q2
59 Samsuri A.W., Tariq F.S., Karam D.S., Aris A.Z., Jamilu G.

The effects of rice husk ashes and inorganic fertilizers application rates on the phytoremediation of gold mine tailings by vetiver grass

Phytoremediation; Heavy metals; Biaccumulation; Biotranslocation; Bioconcentration Applied Geochemistry Q2
60 Phu N.D., Ahmadian A., Hung N.N., Salahshour S., Senu N. Narrow Metric Semi-linear Space of Intuitionistic Fuzzy Numbers: Application to AIDS Model

Narrow metric semi-linear space; Intuitionistic fuzzy differential equations; Intuitionistic fuzzy numbers; AIDS models 

International Journal of Fuzzy Systems Q2
61 Lah Z.M.A.N.H., Ahmad S.A.A., Zaini M.S., Kamarudin M.A.

An Electrochemical Sandwich Immunosensor for the Detection of HER2 using Antibody-Conjugated PbS Quantum Dot as a label

HER2; Stripping Voltammetry; Immunosensor; Lead Sulfide Quantum Dots Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Analysis Q2
62 Kaky K.M., Şakar E., Akbaba U., Emre Kasapoğlu A., Sayyed M.I., Gür E., Baki S.O., Mahdi M.A.

X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS) and gamma-ray shielding investigation of boro-silicate glasses contained alkali/alkaline modifier

X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy; Borosilicate glasses; Radiation; Attenuation Results in Physics Q2
63 Mohd Thani N., Mustapa Kamal S.M., Taip F.S., Sulaiman A., Omar R. Effect of sub-critical water hydrolysis on sugar recovery from bakery leftovers

Bakery leftovers; Croissants; Doughnuts; Sub-critical water treatment; Sugar; Fructose; Glucose

Food and Bioproducts Processing Q2
64 Adeyi A.A., Jamil S.N.A.M., Abdullah L.C., Choong T.S.Y., Lau K.L., Abdullah M.

Simultaneous adsorption of cationic dyes from binary solutions by thiourea-modified poly(acrylonitrile-co-acrylic acid): Detailed isotherm and kinetic studies

adsorption; poly(acrylonitrile-co-acrylic acid); thiourea; cationic dyes; binary system; isotherms; kinetics Materials Q2

Alsaeedi H.A., Koh A.E.-H., Lam C., Rashid M.B.A., Harun M.H.N., Saleh M.F.B.M., Teh S.W., Luu C.D., Ng M.H., Isa H.M., Leow S.N., Then K.Y., Bastion M.-L.C., Mok P.L., Muthuvenkatachalam B.S., Samrot A.V., Swamy K.B., Nandakumar J., Kumar S.S.

Dental pulp stem cells therapy overcome photoreceptor cell death and protects the retina in a rat model of sodium iodate-induced retinal degeneration Dental pulp stem cells; Photoreceptors; Retinal pigment epithelium; Retinal degeneration; Sodium iodate Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology B: Biology Q2
66 Hii L.-W., Lim S.-H.E., Leong C.-O., Chin S.-Y., Tan N.-P., Lai K.-S., Mai C.-W.

The synergism of Clinacanthus nutans Lindau extracts with gemcitabine: Downregulation of anti-apoptotic markers in squamous pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma

Clinacanthus nutans; Synergism; Pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma; Gemcitabine BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine Q2
67 Anas N.A.A., Fen Y.W., Omar N.A.S., Daniyal W.M.E.M.M., Ramdzan N.S.M., Saleviter S.

Development of Graphene Quantum Dots-Based Optical Sensor for Toxic Metal Ion Detection

graphene quantum dots; metal ion; optical sensor; surface plasmon resonance Sensors (Basel, Switzerland) Q2
68 Dasdevan N., Abdah M.A.A.M., Sulaiman Y.

Facile Electrodeposition of Poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene) on Poly(vinyl alcohol) Nanofibers as the Positive Electrode for High-Performance Asymmetric Supercapacitor

asymmetric supercapacitor; nanofiber; reduced graphene oxide; potential window Energies Q2

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