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1 Azlan M.N., Shafinas S.Z., Halimah M.K., Suriani A.B. Dielectric behavior in erbium-doped tellurite glass for potential high-energy capacitor

dielectric constant; activation energy; mixed-transition ion effect;equivalent circuit

Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics Q2
2 Umar S.A., Halimah M.K., Chan K.T., Amirah A.A., Azlan M.N., Grema L.U., Hamza A.M., Ibrahim G.G.

Optical and structural properties of rice husk silicate incorporated borotellurite glasses doped with erbium oxide nanoparticles

rice husk silicate; erbium oxide nanoparticles;optical band gap;molar polarizability;reflection loss Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics Q2
3 Azlan M.N., Halimah M.K., Suriani A.B., Azlina Y., El-Mallawany R.

Electronic polarizability and third-order nonlinearity of Nd3+ doped borotellurite glass for potential optical fiber

Glass; Borotellurite; Electronic polarizability; Optical basicity; Third-order nonlinearity Materials Chemistry and Physics Q2
4 Halimah M.K., Hamza A.M., Muhammad F.D., Chan K.T., Umar S.A., Umaru I., Geidam I.G. Effect of erbium nanoparticles on structural and spectroscopic properties of bio-silica borotellurite glasses containing silver oxide

Erbium nanoparticles; Optical gain; McCumber theory; Near infrared spectrum

Materials Chemistry and Physics Q2
5 Azlan M.N., Halimah M.K., Suriani A.B., Azlina Y., Umar S.A., El-Mallawany R.

Upconversion properties of erbium nanoparticles doped tellurite glasses for high efficient laser glass

Tellurite glass; Erbium nanoparticles; Laser glass Optics Communications Q2
6 Saraswati, Giriwono P.E., Iskandriati D., Tan C.P., Andarwulan N.

Sargassum seaweed as a source of anti-inflammatory substances and the potential insight of the tropical species: A review

bioactive compounds; inflammation; mechanism; Sargassum; tropical Marine Drugs Q1
7 Zhu J., Zhang B., Tan C., Huang Q.

α-Glucosidase inhibitors: Consistency of: In silico docking data with in vitro inhibitory data and inhibitory effect prediction of quercetin derivatives

molecular docking; α-glucosidase; phytochemicals; quercetin; diabetes Food and Function Q1
8 Chu C.C., Tan C.P., Nyam K.L. Development of Nanostructured Lipid Carriers (NLCs) Using Pumpkin and Kenaf Seed Oils with Potential Photoprotective and Antioxidative Properties

entrapment efficiency (EE); in vitro antioxidant activities; in vitro UV absorbing properties; nanostructured lipid carrier (NLC); plant seed oil

European Journal of Lipid Science and Technology Q2
9 Majeed K., Ahmed A., Abu Bakar M.S., Mahlia T.M.I., Saba N., Hassan A., Jawaid M., Hussain M., Iqbal J., Ali Z.

Mechanical and thermal properties of montmorillonite-reinforced polypropylene/rice husk hybrid nanocomposites

nanoparticles; polypropylene; composites; mechanical properties; thermal properties Polymers Q1
10 Chee S.S., Jawaid M., Sultan M.T.H., Alothman O.Y., Abdullah L.C.

Accelerated weathering and soil burial effects on colour, biodegradability and thermal properties of bamboo/kenaf/epoxy hybrid composites

Bamboo fibers; Kenaf fibers; Biocomposites; Hybrid composites; Accelerated weathering; Soil burial Polymer Testing Q2
11 Alaaeddin M.H., Sapuan S.M., Zuhri M.Y.M., Zainudin E.S., AL- Oqla F.M. Physical and mechanical properties of polyvinylidene fluoride - Short sugar palm fiber nanocomposites

Natural fiber composites; Polyvinylidene fluoride; Short sugar palm fiber; Biocomposite materials; Green production

Journal of Cleaner Production Q1
12 Ibrahim M.I.J., Sapuan S.M., Zainudin E.S., Zuhri M.Y.M. Potential of using multiscale corn husk fiber as reinforcing filler in cornstarch-based biocomposites

Corn starch; Corn husk; Biocomposite film; Physical properties; Thermal properties; Tensile properties

International Journal of Biological Macromolecules Q1
13 Mohd Yusof N., Md Tahir P., Muhammad Roseley A.S., Lee S.H., Abdul Halip J., Mohammad Suffian James R., Ashaari Z.

Bond integrity of cross laminated timber from Acacia mangium wood as affected by adhesive types, pressing pressures and loading direction

A. adhesive for wood; A. phenolic; B. wood and wood composites; D. Delamination International Journal of Adhesion and Adhesives Q2
14 Asim M., Jawaid M., Paridah M.T., Saba N., Nasir M., Shahroze R.M.

Dynamic and thermo-mechanical properties of hybridized kenaf/PALF reinforced phenolic composite

Biodegradable; fibers; thermal properties; thermogravimetric analysis (tga) Polymer Composites Q2
15 Saeed O.A., Sazili A.Q., Akit H., Alimon A.R., Samsudin A.A.

Effects of corn supplementation into PKC-Urea treated rice straw basal diet on hematological, biochemical indices and serum mineral level in lambs

hematology; biochemistry; corn; Dorper lambs; palm kernel cake Animals Q1
16 Qader B.S., Supeni E.E., Ariffin M.K.A., Talib A.R.A.

Numerical investigation of flow through inclined fins under the absorber plate of solar air heater

CFD; Solar air heater; Inclined fins; THPP Renewable Energy Q1
17 Lim K.C., Yusoff F.M., Shariff M., Kamarudin M.S., Nagao N.

Dietary supplementation of astaxanthin enhances hemato-biochemistry and innate immunity of Asian seabass, Lates calcarifer (Bloch, 1790)

Asian seabass; Dietary astaxanthin; Feeding phase; Hemato-biochemistry; Innate immunity; Supplementation Aquaculture Q1
18 Liew J.T., Hashim F., Sali A., Rasid M.F.A., Jamalipour A.

Probability-based opportunity dynamic adaptation (PODA) of contention window for home M2M networks

Dynamic adaptation; Performance improvement; Contention window; IEEE 802.11ah Journal of Network and Computer Applications Q1
19 Chan W.L., Ho J.A., Sambasivan M., Ng S.I. Antecedents and outcome of job embeddedness: Evidence from four and five-star hotels

Off-the-job embeddedness; On-the-job embeddedness; Proactive customer service performance; Level of control over work hours; Felt obligation; Hotel frontline employees

International Journal of Hospitality Management Q1
20 Zaulkffali A.S., Razip N.N.M., Alwi S.S.S., Jalil A.A., Mutalib M.S.A., Gopalsamy B., Chang S.K., Zainal Z., Ibrahim N.N., Zakaria Z.A., Khaza'ai H. Vitamins D and E stimulate the PI3K-AKT signalling pathway in insulin-resistant SK-N-SH neuronal cells insulin resistance; vitamin D; vitamin E; SK-N-SH neuronal cells; glucose uptake Nutrients Q1
21 Kaffashi S., Shamsudin M.N.

Transforming to a low carbon society; an extended theory of planned behaviour of Malaysian citizens

Low carbon society; Extended theory of planned behaviour; Citizens' intention; Social contribution Journal of Cleaner Production Q1
22 Safri S.N.A., Sultan M.T.H., Jawaid M., Abdul Majid M.S.

Analysis of dynamic mechanical, low-velocity impact and compression after impact behaviour of benzoyl treated sugar palm/glass/epoxy composites

Hybrid composites; Impact behaviour; Dynamic mechanical thermal analysis (DMTA); Ultrasonics Composite Structures Q1

Mohamad N., Amal M.N.A., Yasin I.S.M., Zamri Saad M., Nasruddin N.S., Al-saari N., Mino S., Sawabe T.

Vibriosis in cultured marine fishes: a review Vibriosis; Aquaculture; Marine finfish; Fish pathogen; Health management Aquaculture Q1

Talib A.T., Chang Jie C., P Mohammed M.A., Samsu Baharuddin A., Mokhtar M.N., Wakisaka M.

On the nonlinear viscoelastic behaviour of fresh and dried oil palm mesocarp fibres oil palm fibres; finite element analysis; mechanical testing Biosystems Engineering Q1
25 Tiraieyari N., Ricard R.M., McLean G.N.

Factors influencing volunteering in urban agriculture: Implications for recruiting volunteers

Socio-demographic factors; Theory of planned behavior; Urban agriculture; Volunteering intention Urban Forestry and Urban Greening Q1
26 Khalid N.I., Saulaiman U.S., Nasiruddin N.A., Hatdran M.M., Ab Aziz N., Nor Khaizura M.A.R., Hasnan N.Z.N., Taip F.S., Sobri S.

Integrating cleaning studies with industrial practice: Case study of an effective cleaning program for a frozen meat patties SME factory

Cleaning; High pressure water jet; Fouling mitigation; Decontamination; Food industry Journal of Cleaner Production Q1
27 El-Zeadani M., Raizal Saifulnaz M.R., Hejazi F., Mugahed Amran Y.H., Jaafar M.S., Alyousef R., Alrshoudi F. Mechanics-based approach for predicting the short-term deflection of CFRP plated RC beams

Adhesively plated beam; Partial-interaction; Moment-rotation; Discrete rotation deflection; Intermediate crack debonding

Composite Structures Q1
28 Ashraf M., Sanusi R., Zulkifli R., Tohiran K.A., Moslim R., Ashton-Butt A., Azhar B.

Alley-cropping system increases vegetation heterogeneity and moderates extreme microclimates in oil palm plantations

Agriculture; Biodiversity; Crop; Ecosystem; Monoculture; Sustainable Agricultural and Forest Meteorology Q1
29 Danial R., Sobri S., Abdullah L.C., Mobarekeh M.N. FTIR, CHNS and XRD analyses define mechanism of glyphosate herbicide removal by electrocoagulation

Electrocoagulation; Glyphosate removal; Mechanism; Metal electrode plate; Herbicide

Chemosphere Q1

Chen L.-H., Sung T.-C., Lee H.H.-C., Higuchi A., Su H.-C., Lin K.-J., Huang Y.-R., Ling Q.-D., Kumar S.S., Alarfaj A.A., Munusamy M.A., Nasu M., Chen D.-C., Hsu S.-T., Chang Y., Lee K.-F., Wang H.-C., Umezawa A.

Xeno-free and feeder-free culture and differentiation of human embryonic stem cells on recombinant vitronectin-grafted hydrogels Biomaterial, feeder free, Embryonic stem cells, hydrogels, Differentiation Biomaterials Science Q1

Putsathit P., Neela V.K., Joseph N.M.S., Ooi P.T., Ngamwongsatit B., Knight D.R., Riley T.V.

Molecular epidemiology of Clostridium difficile isolated from piglets Clostridium difficile; Thailand; Malaysia; Piglet; Environment; Epidemiology Veterinary Microbiology Q1

How B.S., Ngan S.L., Hong B.H., Lam H.L., Ng W.P.Q., Yusup S., Ghani W.A.W.A.K., Kansha Y., Chan Y.H., Cheah K.W., Shahbaz M., Singh H.K.G., Yusuf N.R., Shuhaili A.F.A., Rambli J.

An outlook of Malaysian biomass industry commercialisation: Perspectives and challenges Biomass industry; Commercialisation; Challenges; Transformation; Policy; Debottlenecking Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews Q1
33 Low G.K.K., Kagize J., Faull K.J., Azahar A.

Diagnostic accuracy and predictive value in differentiating the severity of dengue infection

dengue; dengue severity; diagnostic models; accuracy; systematic review Tropical Medicine and International Health Q2
34 Chin Y.Y., Chew L.Y., Toh G.T., Salampessy J., Azlan A., Ismail A.

Nutritional composition and angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitory activity of blue lupin (Lupinus angustifolius)

ACE inhibitory activity; Alcalase; Blue lupin; Flavourzyme; Lupinus; Osborne protein fractions Food Bioscience Q2
35 Ali H.L., Yusuf B., Mohammed T.A., Shimizu Y., Ab Razak M.S., Rehan B.M.

Enhancing the flow characteristics in a branching channel based on a two-dimensional depth-averaged flow model

branching channel; Tigris River; deposition; erosion; investigation; simulation; vanes Water (Switzerland) Q2
36 Atiqah N., Yahya M.S., Aisyah S., Ashton-Butt A., Azhar B.

Birds associated with different tree species and structures in oil palm agroforestry landscapes in Malaysia

Abundance; avian; biodiversity; crop; smallholding; species richness Emu Q2
37 Lee K.W., Ching S.M., Hoo F.K., Ramachandran V., Chong S.C., Tusimin M., Mohd Nordin N.

Prevalence and factors associated with depressive, anxiety and stress symptoms among women with gestational diabetes mellitus in tertiary care centres in Malaysia: A cross-sectional study

Depression; Anxiety; Stress; Gestational diabetes; Malaysia BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth Q2
38 Mohsenian V., Nikkhoo A., Hejazi F.

An investigation into the effect of soil-foundation interaction on the seismic performance of tunnel-form buildings

Fragility analysis; Reliability; Soil-structure interaction (SSI); Tunnel-form structural system Soil Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering Q2
39 Lee F.H., Wan S.Y., Foo H.L., Loh T.C., Mohamad R., Abdul Rahim R., Idrus Z.

Comparative Study of Extracellular Proteolytic, Cellulolytic, and Hemicellulolytic Enzyme Activities and Biotransformation of Palm Kernel Cake Biomass by Lactic Acid Bacteria Isolated from Malaysian Foods

biomass; Lactobacillus plantarum; palm kernel cake; biotransformation; solid-state fermentation; extracellular hydrolytic enzymes International journal of molecular sciences Q2
40 Hasan I.H., Hamidon M.N., Ismail A., Ismail I., Mohd Azhari N.A., Mohd Kusaimi M.A., Azhari S.

Nickel zinc ferrite thick film with linseed oil as organic vehicle for microwave device applications

Nickel zinc ferrite; Thick film; Microstrip patch antenna; Ferrites; Linseed oil Materials Chemistry and Physics Q2
41 Ishak A.A., Selamat J., Sulaiman R., Sukor R., Abdulmalek E., Jambari N.N.

Effect of Different Amino Acids and Heating Conditions on the Formation of 2-Amino-1-methyl-6-phenylimidazo[4,5-b]pyridine (PhIP) and Its Kinetics Formation Using Chemical Model System

kinetic study; chemical model system; amino acids and 2-amino-1-methyl-6-phenylimidazo[4;5-b]pyridine (PhIP) Molecules (Basel, Switzerland) Q2
42 Tan L.P., Choong S.S., Samsuddin A.S., Lee S.H.

Amblyomma cordiferum Neumann, 1899 (Acari: Ixodidae) parasitizing reticulated pythons, Malayopython reticulatus (Schneider, 1801) (Reptilia: Pythonidae) in Peninsular Malaysia

Python; Reptile; Ticks; Malaysia Ticks and Tick-borne Diseases Q2
43 Ariffin M., Zakili T.S.T.

Household Pharmaceutical Waste Disposal in Selangor, Malaysia—Policy, Public Perception, and Current Practices

Emerging pollutants; Environmental risks; Hazardous waste; Regulations; Unwanted medicines; Waste disposal  Environmental Management Q2

Shazali N.A.H., Zaidi N.E., Ariffin H., Abdullah L.C., Ghaemi F., Abdullah J.M., Takashima I., Rahman N.M.A.N.A.

Characterization and cellular internalization of Spherical Cellulose Nanocrystals (CNC) into normal and cancerous fibroblasts fluorescently labelled; cellulose nanocrystals; preparation; cytotoxicity; internalization; shape; endocytosis Materials Q2
45 Abdullah R.S.A.R., Saleh N.L., Rahman S.M.S.A., Zamri N.S., Rashid N.E.A.

Texture classification using spectral entropy of acoustic signal generated by a human echolocator

spectral entropy; acoustic signal; human echolocation; classification; MFCC Entropy Q2
46 Wen Jun L., Pit Foong C., Abd Hamid R.

Ardisia crispa root hexane fraction suppressed angiogenesis in human umbilical vein endothelial cells (HUVECs) and in vivo zebrafish embryo model

Ardisia crispa; Angiogenesis inhibitor; HUVECsVEGF; Cell migration assay Biomedicine and Pharmacotherapy Q2
47 Zghaibi N., Omar R., Kamal S.M.M., Biak D.R.A., Harun R.

Microwave-assisted brine extraction for enhancement of the quantity and quality of lipid production from microalgae nannochloropsis sp

Microwave-assisted Extraction; brine; lipid; microalgae; polyunsaturated fatty acids Molecules Q2
48 Abdul Rahim M.F., Natiq H., Fataf N.A.A., Banerjee S.

Dynamics of a new hyperchaotic system and multistability

Coexisting attractors; Nonlinear Controller; Complexity European Physical Journal Plus Q2
49 Hussien H.M., Yasin S.M., Udzir S.N.I., Zaidan A.A., Zaidan B.B.

A Systematic Review for Enabling of Develop a Blockchain Technology in Healthcare Application: Taxonomy, Substantially Analysis, Motivations, Challenges, Recommendations and Future Direction

Blockchain technology; Healthcare; Electronic health record (EHR); Distributed ledger technology; Security; Privacy-preserving; Decentralised applications  Journal of Medical Systems Q2
50 Nurul Fatin M., Mohd Razali S., Nuruddin N., Mohd Shafri Z.M.S.

Oil palm dry season analysis based on moderate-resolution imaging spectroradiometer (MODIS) satellite indices

oil palm; MODIS; NDVI; Drought Index International Journal of Remote Sensing Q2
51 Daud K.M., Mohamad M.S., Zakaria Z., Hassan R., Shah Z.A., Deris S., Ibrahim Z., Napis S., Sinnott R.O.

A non-dominated sorting Differential Search Algorithm Flux Balance Analysis (ndsDSAFBA) for in silico multiobjective optimization in identifying reactions knockout

Multi-objective evolutionary algorithms; Metabolic engineering; Flux balance analysis; Reaction knockout; Pareto dominance; Artificial intelligence; Bioinformatics Computers in Biology and Medicine Q2
52 Rajan R.K., Hussein M.Z., Fakurazi S., Yusoff K., Masarudin M.J.

Increased ROS scavenging and antioxidant efficiency of chlorogenic acid compound delivered via a chitosan nanoparticulate system for efficient in vitro visualization and accumulation in human renal adenocarcinoma cells

chitosan nanoparticles; chlorogenic acid; chemopreventive; nanobiotechnology; drug encapsulated chitosan nanoparticles; in vitro accumulation of encapsulated chlorogenic acid; 1,1-Diphenyl-2-picrylhydrazine assay; MTT assay

International Journal of Molecular Sciences Q2

Fam S.Y., Chee C.F., Yong C.Y., Ho K.L., Mariatulqabtiah A.R., Lau H.Y., Tan W.S.

Shielding of hepatitis B virus-like nanoparticle with poly(2-Ethyl-2-Oxazoline)

virus-like particle; polymer; conjugation; antigenicity; poly(2-ethyl-2-oxazoline); hepatitis B virus capsid International Journal of Molecular Sciences Q2

Loh H.-Y., Norman B.P., Lai K.-S., Rahman N.M.A.N.A., Alitheen N.B.M., Osman M.A.

The regulatory role of microRNAs in breast cancer

microRNAs; breast cancer; oncomiR; tsmiR International Journal of Molecular Sciences Q2

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