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1 Alotaibi M.D., Alshammari B.A., Saba N., Alothman O.Y., Sanjay M.R., Almutairi Z., Jawaid M. Characterization of natural fiber obtained from different parts of date palm tree (Phoenix dactylifera L.)

Data palm tree; Sheath fiber; sCrystallinity index; Particle size distribution; Morphological properties; Thermal stability

International Journal of Biological Macromolecules Q1
2 Naveen J., Jawaid M., Zainudin E.S., Sultan M.T.H., Yahaya R. Evaluation of ballistic performance of hybrid Kevlar®/Cocos nucifera sheath reinforced epoxy composites

Kevlar®; Cocos nucifera sheath; hybrid composites; ballistic limit; energy absorption

Journal of the Textile Institute Q1
3 Sudarno, Razali S.M., Asikin-Mijan N., Sivasangar S., Taufiq-Yap Y.H.

Enhanced dry reforming toward hydrogen production over Ni/CeO2[sbnd]SiO2 via different catalyst synthesis routes

Dry reforming; Hydrogen; Nickel; Cerium; Silica; Support International Journal of Hydrogen Energy Q1
4 Mohd Arif N.N., Abidin S.Z., Osazuwa O.U., Vo D.-V.N., Azizan M.T., Taufiq-Yap Y.H. Hydrogen production via CO2 dry reforming of glycerol over Re[sbnd]Ni/CaO catalysts

Glycero; lDry reforming; Hydrogen; Nickel-based catalyst; Whisker carbon

International Journal of Hydrogen Energy Q1
5 Mo S.-Y., Lai O.-M., Chew B.-H., Ismail R., Bakar S.A., Jabbar N.A., Teng K.-T. Interesterified palm olein lowers postprandial glucose-dependent insulinotropic polypeptide response in type 2 diabetes

Glucose-dependent insulinotropic polypeptide; Gut hormones; Glucose metabolism; Interesterified palm olein; Type 2 diabetes 

European Journal of Nutrition Q1
6 Wang Z., Ma B., Shen C., Lai O.-M., Tan C.-P., Cheong L.-Z. Electrochemical Biosensing of Chilled Seafood Freshness by Xanthine Oxidase Immobilized on Copper-Based Metal–Organic Framework Nanofiber Film

Xanthine oxidase; Metal organic framework; Electrochemical properties; Chilled seafood freshness; Biosensor 

Food Analytical Methods Q2
7 Bahboh A., Shaari A.H., Baqiah H., Kien C.S., Kechik M.M.A., Wahid M.H., Abd-Shukor R., Talib Z.A. Effects of HoMnO 3 nanoparticles addition on microstructural, superconducting and dielectric properties of YBa 2 Cu 3 O 7–δ

Y-123; HoMnO3; Critical temperature; Solid state reaction; Co-precipitation; Impedance

Ceramics International Q1
8 Aslani F., Juraimi A.S., Ahmad-Hamdani M.S., Alam M.A., Hasan M.M., Hashemi F.S.G., Bahram M. The role of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi in plant invasion trajectory

Mycorrhizal adaptation; Plant-mycobiome interactions; Invasion ecology; Fungal diversity; Symbiosis

Plant and Soil Q1
9 Mohammed N.K., Tan C.P., Abd Manap M.Y., Muhialdin B.J., Meor Hussin A.S. Production of Functional Non-dairy Creamer using Nigella sativa oil Via Fluidized Bed Coating Technology

Functional beverages; Agglomeration; Fluidized bed-drying; Antioxidant; Nigella sativa oil 

Food and Bioprocess Technology Q1
10 Lin W.-L., Cheah J.-H., Azali M., Ho J.A., Yip N. Does firm size matter? Evidence on the impact of the green innovation strategy on corporate financial performance in the automotive sector

Green innovation strategy; Corporate financial performance; Automotive industry; GMM; Firm size

Journal of Cleaner Production Q1
11 Lim Y.-Y., Lee W.-K., Lim P.-E., Phang S.-M., Leow A.T.-C., Namasivayam P., Ong Abdullah J., Ho C.-L.

Expression analysis of potential transcript and protein markers that are related to agar yield and gel strength in Gracilaria changii (Rhodophyta)

Agar yield; Gel strength; Gracilaria; Transcript marker; Protein marker Algal Research Q1
12 Foo C.Y., Huang N.M., Lim H.N., Jiang Z.-T., Altarawneh M.

Hydrostatic bath synthesis of conductive polypyrrole/reduced graphene oxide aerogel as compression sensor

Hydrostatic bath synthesis; Aerogel; Graphene; Polypyrrole European Polymer Journal Q1
13 Megahed A.A., Hiew M., Grünberg W., Trefz F.M., Constable P.D.

Evaluation of the analytical performance of a portable ion-selective electrode meter for measuring whole-blood, plasma, milk, abomasal-fluid, and urine sodium concentrations in cattle

hyponatremia; hypernatremia; point-of-care; cattle Journal of Dairy Science Q1
14 Wenliang F., Rameli M.A.B.P., Ibrahim T.A.T., Noor M.H.M., Yusof L.M., Zakaria M.Z.A.B. In vivo evaluation of anticancer efficacy of drug loaded cockle shell-derived aragonite nanoparticles

osteosarcoma; doxorubicin; calcium carbonate; nanoparticles; drug delivery

Journal of Biomedical Materials Research - Part B Applied Biomaterials

15 Umar D.A., Ramli M.F., Aris A.Z., Jamil N.R., Aderemi A.A. Evidence of climate variability from rainfall and temperature fluctuations in semi-arid region of the tropics

Rainfall; Climate variability; Mann-Kendall; Semi-Arid; Nigeria

Atmospheric Research Q1
16 Ahmad Farid M.A., Zakaria M.R., Hassan M.A., Mohd Ali A.A., Othman M.R., Ibrahim I., Samsudin M.H., Shirai Y. A holistic treatment system for palm oil mill effluent by incorporating the anaerobic-aerobic-wetland sequential system and a convective sludge dryer

POME; Integrated wastewater system; Wetland; Convective drying system; Anaerobic-aerobic treatment

Chemical Engineering Journal Q1
17 Abral H., Basri A., Muhammad F., Fernando Y., Hafizulhaq F., Mahardika M., Sugiarti E., Sapuan S.M., Ilyas R.A., Stephane I.

A simple method for improving the properties of the sago starch films prepared by using ultrasonication treatment

Starch film; Transparency; Ultrasonication; Ghost Food Hydrocolloids Q1
18 Mohd Nor N., Mohd Yazid S.H., Mohd Daud H., Azmai M.N.A., Mohamad N.

Costs of management practices of Asian seabass (Lates calcarifer Bloch, 1790) cage culture in Malaysia using stochastic model that includes uncertainty in mortality

Aquaculture; Asian seabass; Lates calcarifer; Vibriosis costs; Cage culture Aquaculture Q1
19 Salahshour S., Ahmadian A., Salimi M., Ferrara M., Baleanu D. Asymptotic solutions of fractional interval differential equations with nonsingular kernel derivative

Fractional differential equations; Interval Arithmetic; Nonsingular kernel derivatives; Real-world systems; Asymptotic solutions

Chaos Q1
20 Hami A., Abdi B., Zarehaghi D., Maulan S.B. Assessing the thermal comfort effects of green spaces: A systematic review of methods, parameters, and plants’ attributes

Climate change; Urban heat Island; Outdoor thermal comfort; Urban green space; Cooling effect; Vegetation characteristics; Planting pattern

Sustainable Cities and Society Q1

Chan Y.H., Cheah K.W., How B.S., Loy A.C.M., Shahbaz M., Singh H.K.G., Yusuf N.R., Shuhaili A.F.A., Yusup S., Ghani W.A.W.A.K., Rambli J., Kansha Y., Lam H.L., Hong B.H., Ngan S.L.

An overview of biomass thermochemical conversion technologies in Malaysia Biomass; Thermochemical conversion; Biochemicals and bioenergy; Commercialization Science of the Total Environment Q1
22 Zahedi Khameneh A., Kılıçman A. Multi-attribute decision-making based on soft set theory: a systematic review

Soft set; Fuzzy soft set; Multi-attribute decision-making; Literature review 

Soft Computing Q2
23 Amadi C.C., Ujang B., Sali A., Hashim F. Collaborative Adaptive Filtering Approach for the Identification of Complex-Valued Improper Signals

Widely nonlinear modeling; Augmented complex statistics; Augmented (CNGD); Nonlinear systems; Collaborative filters; Wind modeling 

Circuits, Systems, and Signal Processing Q2
24 Mohamed Z.A., Eliaser E.M., Mazzon E., Rollin P., Lian Ee G.C., Abdull Razis A.F. Neuroprotective potential of secondary metabolites from melicope lunu-ankenda (Rutaceae)

polyphenols; coumarins; alkaloids; Melicope lunu-ankenda; neuroprotection; neurodegenerative diseases

Molecules Q2
25 Rashid A.A., Shariff Ghazali S., Mohamad I., Mawardi M., Roslan D., Musa H.

Quasi-experimental study on the effectiveness of a house officer preparatory course for medical graduates on self-perceived confidence and readiness: A study protocol

anxiety disorders; depression & mood disorders; houseman; stress BMJ Open Q2
26 Garba S., Sazili A.Q., Mahadzir M.F., Candyrine S.C.L., Jahromi M.F., Ebrahimi M., Goh Y.M., Samsudin A.A., Ronimus R., Meutzel S., Liang J.B.

Effects of naturally-produced lovastatin on carcass characteristics, muscle physico-chemical properties and lipid oxidation and cholesterol content in goats

Caprine; Lovastatin; Carcass; Meat quality; Longissimus thoracis et lumborum Meat Science Q2
27 Bidin M.Z., Shah A.M., Stanslas J., Lim C.T.S. Blood and urine biomarkers in chronic kidney disease: An update

Biomarker; Blood; Urine; Chronic kidney disease; Renal decline; Diagnostic

Clinica Chimica Acta Q2
28 Jamilan M.A., Abdullah J., Alang Ahmad S.A., Md Noh M.F. Voltammetric determination of iodide in iodized table salt using cetyltrimethylammonium bromide as ion-pairing

Commercial iodized table salt; Voltammetric; Cetyltrimethylammonium bromide (CTAB;) Iodine; Screen-printed carbon electrode (SPCE)

Journal of Food Science and Technology Q2
29 Khan M.J., Kumari S., Shameli K., Selamat J., Sazili A.Q.

Green synthesis and characterization of pullulan mediated silver nanoparticles through ultraviolet irradiation

pullulan; silver nanoparticles; UV irradiation; green synthesis Materials Q2
30 Mohd Chachuli S.A., Hamidon M.N., Mamat M.S., Ertugrul M., Abdullah N.H. Response of TiO2/MWCNT/B2O3 gas sensor to hydrogen using different organic binder

Organic binder; Linseed oil; Paste; Gas sensor; TiO2/MWCNT/B2O3

Materials Science in Semiconductor Processing Q2

Latip W., Knight V.F., Halim N.A., Ong K.K., Kassim N.A.M., Yunus W.M.Z.W., Noor S.A.M., Mohamad Ali M.S.

Microbial phosphotriesterase: Structure, function, and biotechnological applications phosphotriestease; structure; function or reaction; biotechnological application Catalysts Q2
32 Ebadi M., Buskaran K., Saifullah B., Fakurazi S., Hussein M.Z.

The impact of magnesium–aluminum-layered double hydroxide-based polyvinyl alcohol coated on magnetite on the preparation of core-shell nanoparticles as a drug delivery agent

nanodrug delivery; liver cancer; polyvinyl alcohol; magnetite; 5-fluorouracil International Journal of Molecular Sciences Q2
33 Zainol Abidin N.H., Yao L.K., Abu Bakar M.H., Tamchek N., Mahdi M.A. Open Cavity Controllable Dual-Wavelength Hybrid Raman-Erbium Random Fiber Laser

Fiber lasers; random fiber lasers; stimulated Raman scattering; erbium

IEEE Photonics Journal Q2
34 Sogut E., Ili Balqis A.M., Nur Hanani Z.A., Seydim A.C. The properties of κ-carrageenan and whey protein isolate blended films containing pomegranate seed oil

Carrageenan; Whey protein isolate; Pomegranate seed oil; Blend film

Polymer Testing Q2
35 Wong N.L.W.S., Sigwart J.D.

Natural history clues to the evolution of bivalved gastropods (Mollusca: Gastropoda: Sacoglossa: Juliidae)

tropical biodiversity; molluscan evolution; adaptation  Marine Biodiversity Q2
36 Musa S.A., Abdullah R.S.A.R., Sali A., Ismail A., Rashid N.E.A. Low-slow-small (LSS) target detection based on micro doppler analysis in forward scattering radar geometry

micro Doppler; forward scatter radar (FSR); Low-Slow-Small (LSS) target detection

Sensors (Switzerland) Q2
37 Wahi R., Bidin E.R., Mohamed Asif N.M., Nor Hamizat N.A., Ngaini Z., Omar R., Jamel J.

Nutrient availability in sago bark and empty fruit bunch composts for the growth of water spinach and green mustard

Sago bark; Empty fruit bunches; Agricultural waste; Compost  Environmental Science and Pollution Research Q2
38 Shahruzaman S.H., Mustafa M.F., Ramli S., Fakurazi S., Maniam S., Maniam S. The cytotoxic effect and glucose uptake modulation of Baeckea frutescens on breast cancer cells

Baeckea frutescens; Glucose uptake; Apoptosis; Oxidative phosphorylation; Breast cancer

BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine Q2
39 Alqadeeri F., Rukayadi Y., Abbas F., Shaari K. Antibacterial and antispore activities of isolated compounds from Piper cubeba L.

antibacterial activity; antispore activity; Bacillus sp; P. cubeba L.; β-asarone; asaronaldehyde

Molecules Q2
40 Lay U.S., Pradhan B., Yusoff Z.B.M., Abdallah A.F.B., Aryal J., Park H.-J. Data Mining and Statistical Approaches in Debris-Flow Susceptibility Modelling Using Airborne LiDAR Data

debris flows; susceptibility; machine learning; MARS; SVR; LiDAR; GIS; remote sensing

Sensors (Basel, Switzerland) Q2
41 Sh Ahmed A., Taher M., Mandal U.K., Jaffri J.M., Susanti D., Mahmood S., Zakaria Z.A. Pharmacological properties of Centella asiatica hydrogel in accelerating wound healing in rabbits

Asiaticoside; Centella asiatica; Apiaceae; Hydrogel film; Wound dressing; Wound healing; PVA/PEG

BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine Q2
42 Jaderi F., Ibrahim Z.Z., Nikoo M., Nikoo M. Utilizing self-organization systems for modeling and managing risk based on maintenance and repair in petrochemical industries

Self-organization feature maps; Genetic algorithms; Fuzzy model; Risk management; Petrochemical industry 

Soft Computing Q2

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