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1 Naveen J., Jawaid M., Zainudin E.S., Sultan M.T.H., Yahaya R.

Effect of graphene nanoplatelets on the ballistic performance of hybrid Kevlar/Cocos nucifera sheath-reinforced epoxy composites

Textile Research Journal kevlar; Cocos nucifera sheath; graphene nanoplatelets; ballistic performance; hybrid composites Q1

Senthamaraikannan P., Sanjay M.R., Bhat K.S., Padmaraj N.H., Jawaid M.

Characterization of natural cellulosic fiber from bark of Albizia amara Journal of Natural Fibers Albizia amara; chemical compositions; X-ray diffraction; thermogravimetric analysis; tensile strength Q2
3 Fauziyah N.A., Hilmi A.R., Zainuri M., Asrori M.Z., Mashuri M., Jawaid M., Pratapa S.

Thermal and dynamic mechanical properties of polyethylene glycol/quartz composites for phase change materials

Journal of Applied Polymer Science applications; glass transition; thermal properties; thermoplastics Q2
4 Alshammari B.A., Alotaibi M.D., Alothman O.Y., Sanjay M.R., Kian L.K., Almutairi Z., Jawaid M.

A New Study on Characterization and Properties of Natural Fibers Obtained from Olive Tree (Olea europaea L.) Residues

Journal of Polymers and the Environment Olive tree; Chemical composition; Structural properties; Morphological properties; Thermal properties  Q2
5 Islam A., Teo S.H., Awual M.R., Taufiq-Yap Y.H.

Improving the hydrogen production from water over MgO promoted Ni–Si/CNTs photocatalyst

Journal of Cleaner Production Photocatalyst; Clean energy; Hydrogen (H2); Noble-metal-free; Reusability Q1
6 Safa Gamal M., Asikin-Mijan N., Arumugam M., Rashid U., Taufiq-Yap Y.H.

Solvent-free catalytic deoxygenation of palm fatty acid distillate over cobalt and manganese supported on activated carbon originating from waste coconut shell

Journal of Analytical and Applied Pyrolysis PFAD; Cobalt; Manganese; Deoxygenation; Green diesel Q1
7 Sangar S.K., Syazwani O.N., Farabi M.S.A., Razali S.M., Shobhana G., Teo S.H., Taufiq-Yap Y.H.

Effective biodiesel synthesis from palm fatty acid distillate (PFAD)using carbon-based solid acid catalyst derived glycerol

Renewable Energy Biodiesel; Esterification; Glycerol; Sulfonated carbon Q1
8 Maringgal B., Hashim N., Tawakkal I.S.M.A., Mohamed M.T.M., Hamzah M.H., Shukor N.I.A.

The causal agent of anthracnose in papaya fruit and control by three different Malaysian stingless bee honeys, and the chemical profile

Scientia Horticulturae Stingless bee honey; Kelulut; Postharvest disease; Colletotrichum sp.; Antifungal; Tropical fruits Q1
9 Lockman N.A., Hashim N., Onwude D.I. Laser-Based imaging for Cocoa Pods Maturity Detection Food and Bioprocess Technology

Laser-based imaging; Backscattering imaging; Fruit maturity; Cocoa; Non-destructive technique 

10 Samrot A.V., Angalene J.L.A., Roshini S.M., Stefi S.M., Preethi R., Raji P., Kumar A.M., Paulraj P., Kumar S.S.

Purification, characterization and utilization of polysaccharide of Araucaria heterophylla gum for the synthesis of curcumin loaded nanocarrier

International Journal of Biological Macromolecules Araucaria heterophylla; Polysaccharide; Carboxymethylation; Nanocarrier; Anticancer activity Q1

Sung T.-C., Yang J.-S., Yeh C.-C., Liu Y.-C., Jiang Y.-P., Lu M.-W., Ling Q.-D., Kumar S.S., Chang Y., Umezawa A., Chen H., Higuchi A.

The design of a thermoresponsive surface for the continuous culture of human pluripotent stem cells

Biomaterials Human embryonic stem cell; Thermoresponsive surface; Xeno-free culture; Cardiomyocyte; Biomaterial Q1
12 Abdul-Hamid N.A., Abas F., Ismail I.S., Tham C.L., Maulidiani M., Mediani A., Swarup S., Umashankar S.

1H-NMR-based metabolomics to investigate the effects of Phoenix dactylifera seed extracts in LPS-IFN-γ-induced RAW 264.7 cells

Food Research International Phoenix dactylifera; Algerian Deglet seeds; RAW 264.7 cells; Anti-inflammatory; Cell metabolomics Q1
13 Maulidiani, Abas F., Rudiyanto R., Hafiz Abdullah N.M., Azlan A., Lajis N.H.

Application of quantitative spectral deconvolution 1H NMR (qsd-NMR) in the simultaneous quantitative determination of creatinine and metformin in human urine

Analytical Methods quantitative spectral deconvolution; creatinine; metformin;  type 2 diabetes mellitus Q2
14 Zamakshshari N.H., Ee G.C.L., Ismail I.S., Ibrahim Z., Mah S.H.

Cytotoxic xanthones isolated from Calophyllum depressinervosum and Calophyllum buxifolium with antioxidant and cytotoxic activities

Food and Chemical Toxicology Caloxanthone BK562 cells; Molecular docking; Radical scavenging activities Q1
15 Abd. Razak R.A., Ahmad Tarmizi A.H., Abdul Hammid A.N., Kuntom A., Ismail I.S., Sanny M.

Verification and evaluation of monochloropropanediol (MCPD) esters and glycidyl esters in palm oil products of different regions in Malaysia

Food Additives and Contaminants - Part A Chemistry, Analysis, Control, Exposure and Risk Assessment

Monochloropropanediol (MCPD) esters; palm oil products; glycidol fatty acid esters; refining oils Q2
16 Xing S.-C., Mi J.-D., Chen J.-Y., Xiao L., Wu Y.-B., Liang J.B., Zhang L.-H., Liao X.-D.

The metabolism and morphology mutation response of probiotic Bacillus coagulans for lead stress

Science of the Total Environment Bacillus coagulans; LeadMorphologyGenomicsMetabolismEvolution Q1
17 Yang Y., Mi J., Liang J., Liao X., Ma B., Zou Y., Wang Y., Liang J., Wu Y.

Changes in the Carbon Metabolism of Escherichia coli During the Evolution of Doxycycline Resistance

Frontiers in Microbiology carbon metabolism; evolution; antibiotic resistance; DOX; Escherichia coli Q2
18 Azni A.A., Ghani W.A.W.A.K., Idris A., Ja'afar M.F.Z., Salleh M.A.M., Ishak N.S.

Microwave-assisted pyrolysis of EFB-derived biochar as potential renewable solid fuel for power generation: Biochar versus sub-bituminous coal

Renewable Energy Biochar; Biomass; Microwave; Pyrolysis; Solid fuel Q1

Wan Ab Karim Ghani W.A., Salleh M.A.M., Adam S.N., Shafri H.Z.M., Shaharum S.N., Lim K.L., Rubinsin N.J., Lam H.L., Hasan A., Samsatli S., Tapia J.F., Khezri R., Jaye I.F.M., Martinez-Hernandez E.

Sustainable bio-economy that delivers the environment–food–energy–water nexus objectives: The current status in Malaysia Food and Bioproducts Processing Biomass; Biomass value chains; Food–energy–water (FEW) nexus; Biomass supply chains; Optimization; Sustainability Q2
20 Mendy T.K., Misran A., Mahmud T.M.M., Ismail S.I.

Antifungal properties of Aloe vera through in vitro and in vivo screening against postharvest pathogens of papaya fruit

Scientia Horticulturae Aloe vera; Postharvest; Papaya; Antifungal; Inhibition Q1
21 Dele-Afolabi T.T., Azmah Hanim M.A., Ojo-Kupoluyi O.J., Calin R.

Impact of different isothermal aging conditions on the IMC layer growth and shear strength of MWCNT-reinforced Sn–5Sb solder composites on Cu substrate

Journal of Alloys and Compounds Lead-free solders; Carbon nanotubes; Isothermal aging; Intermetallic compounds; Shear strength Q1
22 Mairghany M., Yahya A., Adam N.M., Mat Su A.S., Aimrun W., Elsoragaby S.

Rotary tillage effects on some selected physical properties of fine textured soil in wetland rice cultivation in Malaysia

Soil and Tillage Research Cone index; Penetration resistance; Tillage; Clay loam soil; Bulk density; Rotary; Porosity Q1

Zaborowski M.P., Cheah P.S., Zhang X., Bushko I., Lee K., Sammarco A., Zappulli V., Maas S.L.N., Allen R.M., Rumde P., György B., Aufiero M., Schweiger M.W., Lai C.P.-K., Weissleder R., Lee H., Vickers K.C., Tannous B.A., Breakefield X.O.

Membrane-bound Gaussia luciferase as a tool to track shedding of membrane proteins from the surface of extracellular vesicles Scientific reports  extracellular vesicles; luciferase; cancer; protein cleavage Q1
24 Chan Y.T., Tan M.C., Chin N.L.

Application of Box-Behnken design in optimization of ultrasound effect on apple pectin as sugar replacer

LWT Box-Behnken design; Ultrasound; Pectin; Sugar replacement; Cake Q1
25 Ahmadipour M., Hizam H., Lutfi Othman M., Radzi M.A.M., Chireh N. A novel islanding detection technique using modified Slantlet transform in multi-distributed generation International Journal of Electrical Power and Energy Systems

Islanding detection; Slantlet transform; Ridgelet Probabilistic Neural Network; Support Vector Machine Classifier; Harmony search method

26 Karbalaei S., Golieskardi A., Hamzah H.B., Abdulwahid S., Hanachi P., Walker T.R., Karami A.

Abundance and characteristics of microplastics in commercial marine fish from Malaysia

Marine Pollution Bulletin Microplastics; Commercial fish; Ingestion; Raman spectroscopy Q1
27 Hossain M.S., Bujang J.S., Kamal A.H.M., Zakaria M.H., Muslim A.M., Nadzri M.I.

Effects of burrowing mud lobsters (Thalassina anomala Herbst 1804) on soil macro- and micronutrients in a Malaysian mangrove

Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science Mud lobster; Soil nutrient; Bioturbation; South China Sea; Mangrove Q1
28 Zin M.H., Abdan K., Mazlan N., Zainudin E.S., Liew K.E., Norizan M.N.

Automated spray up process for Pineapple Leaf Fibre hybrid biocomposites

Composites Part B: Engineering Automated spray up; Bio composite; Natural fibre; Direct fibre compounding; Pineapple leaf; Vinyl ester Q1
29 Karuppaiah P., Gowthaman N.S.K., Balakumar V., Shankar S., Lim H.N.

Ultrasonic synthesis of CuO nanoflakes: A robust electrochemical scaffold for the sensitive detection of phenolic hazard in water and pharmaceutical samples

Ultrasonics Sonochemistry CuO nanoflakes; Ultrasonic synthesis; Electrochemical sensor; Phenolic environmental pollutant; Hydroquinone; Benign robust scaffold Q1
30 Aljaadi A.M., How R.E., Loh S.P., Hunt S.E., Karakochuk C.D., Barr S.I., McAnena L., Ward M., McNulty H., Khor G.L., Devlin A.M., Green T.J.

Suboptimal Biochemical Riboflavin Status Is Associated with Lower Hemoglobin and Higher Rates of Anemia in a Sample of Canadian and Malaysian Women of Reproductive Age

Journal of Nutrition riboflavin; anemia; women; Canada; Malaysia; EGRac Q1
31 Azizi P., Osman M., Hanafi M.M., Sahebi M., Yusop M.R., Taheri S. Adaptation of the metabolomics profile of rice after Pyricularia oryzae infection Plant Physiology and Biochemistry

Fungal pathogen; Plant immunity system; Metabolite compounds; Blast disease; Phytoanticipins; Phytoalexins

32 Amodu O.A., Othman M., Noordin N.K., Ahmad I.

A primer on design aspects, recent advances, and challenges in cellular device-to-device communication

Ad Hoc Networks D2D; Interference; Metrics; Mode selection; Power control; Resource allocation Q1
33 Shahar F.S., Hameed Sultan M.T., Lee S.H., Jawaid M., Md Shah A.U., Safri S.N.A., Sivasankaran P.N.

A review on the orthotics and prosthetics and the potential of kenaf composites as alternative materials for ankle-foot orthosis

Journal of the Mechanical Behavior of Biomedical Materials Ankle-foot orthosis; Kenaf composite; Orthosis history Q1
34 Salehin F.N.M., Jumbri K., Ramli A., Daud S., Abdul Rahman M.B.

In silico solvation free energy and thermodynamics properties of H2S in cholinium-based amino acid ionic liquids

Journal of Molecular Liquids H2S; Ionic liquids; Molecular dynamics; Solubility; Henry's law constant; Thermodynamics Q1
35 Myint K.A., Amiruddin M.D., Rafii M.Y., Samad M.Y.A., Ramlee S.I., Yaakub Z., Oladosu Y.

Genetic diversity and selection criteria of MPOB-Senegal oil palm (Elaeis guineensis Jacq.) germplasm by quantitative traits

Industrial Crops and Products Elaeis guineensis Jacquin; Genetic diversity; Germplasm; Heritability; Multivariate analysis Q1
36 Alaaeddin M.H., Sapuan S.M., Zuhri M.Y.M., Zainudin E.S., AL-Oqla F.M.

Polymer matrix materials selection for short sugar palm composites using integrated multi criteria evaluation method

Composites Part B: Engineering AHPTOPSISELECTRE; Multi-criteria evaluation; Tripartite analysis; Composite materials Q1
37 Fizree P.M.A.A., Shaharuddin N.A., Ho C.L., Masura S.S., Manaf M.A.A., Ahmad Parveez G.K., Masani M.Y.A. Evaluation of transient DsRED gene expression in oil palm embryogenic calli Scientia Horticulturae Red fluorescent protein; Visual; Selection marker; Transgenic oil palm Q1
38 Nurul Atiqah M.S., Gopakumar D.A., Owolabi F.A.T., Pottathara Y.B., Rizal S., Sri Aprilia N.A., Hermawan D., Paridah M.T., Thomas S., Khalil H.P.S.A.

Extraction of cellulose nanofibers via eco-friendly supercritical carbon dioxide treatment followed by mild acid hydrolysis and the fabrication of cellulose nanopapers

Polymers kenaf fiber; total chlorine free bleaching; supercritical carbon dioxide; cellulose nanofibers; cellulose nanopaper Q1
39 Sidek H.A.A., Elazoumi S.H., El-Mallawany R., Zaid M.H.M., Matori K.A., Halimah M.K.

Effect of lead and zinc oxides on the thermal properties of tellurite glass systems

Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids Thermal properties; Lead tellurite glass; Zinc lead tellurite glass Q1

Wong S.H.M., Kong W.Y., Fang C.-M., Loh H.-S., Chuah L.-H., Abdullah S., Ngai S.C.

The TRAIL to cancer therapy: Hindrances and potential solutions Critical Reviews in Oncology/Hematology TRAIL; Cancer therapy; Resistance Q1
41 Jaafaru M.S., Nordin N., Rosli R., Shaari K., Bako H.Y., Noor N.M., Abdull Razis A.F.

Prospective role of mitochondrial apoptotic pathway in mediating GMG-ITC to reduce cytotoxicity in H2O2-induced oxidative stress in differentiated SH-SY5Y cells

Biomedicine and Pharmacotherapy Apoptosis; Glucomoringin-isothiocyanate; Mitochondria; Neurodegenerative diseases; Neuroprotection; Oxidative stress Q2
42 Al-Janabi A.M.S., Halim Ghazali A., Yusuf B.

Modified models for better prediction of infiltration rates in trapezoidal permeable stormwater channels

Hydrological Sciences Journal stormwater; permeable channels; infiltration rate; infiltration models; trapezoidal section; coefficient of determination Q2
43 Tan S., Lau E., Ting H., Cheah J.-H., Simonetti B., Hiok Lip T.

How Do Students Evaluate Instructors’ Performance? Implication of Teaching Abilities, Physical Attractiveness and Psychological Factors

Social Indicators Research Evaluation of instructors’ performance; Physical attractiveness; Teaching abilities  Q2
44 Arbaain E.N.N., Bahrin E.K., Noor N.M., Ibrahim M.F., Ramli N., Abd-Aziz S.

Chemical-free pretreatment of unwashed oil palm empty fruit bunch by using locally isolated fungus (Schizophyllum commune ENN1) for delignification

Food and Bioproducts Processing Biological pretreatment; Lignin; Ligninolytic enzyme; OPEFB; Schizophyllum commune Q2
45 Amalina N.Z., Santha S., Zulperi D., Amal M.N.A., Yusof M.T., Zamri-Saad M., Ina-Salwany M.Y.

Prevalence, antimicrobial susceptibility and plasmid profiling of Vibrio spp. isolated from cultured groupers in Peninsular Malaysia

BMC Microbiology Vibrio; Grouper; Multiple antibiotic resistance; Plasmid; Chromosome; Malaysia Q2
46 Athirah Diyana M.Y., Karmegam K., Shamsul B.M.T., Irniza R., Vivien H., Sivasankar S., Putri Anis Syahira M.J., Kulanthayan K.C.M.

Risk factors analysis: Work-related musculoskeletal disorders among male traffic policemen using high-powered motorcycles

International Journal of Industrial Ergonomics Nordic musculoskeletal questionnaire; Occupational factors; Non-occupational factors; RidersVibration Q2
47 Lokman I.H., Ibitoye E.B., Hezmee M.N.M., Goh Y.M., Zuki A.B.Z., Jimoh A.A.

Effects of chitin and chitosan from cricket and shrimp on growth and carcass performance of broiler chickens

Tropical Animal Health and Production Dietary chitin; Dietary chitosan; Growth performance; Mortality; Organ characteristics Q2
48 Tusimin M., Yee C.L., Razak N.Z.S.A., Zainol M.I., Minhat H.S., Rejali Z.

Sociodemographic determinants of knowledge and attitude in the primary prevention of cervical cancer among University Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR) students in Malaysia: Preliminary study of HPV vaccination

BMC Public Health Human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination; Sociodemographic; Cervical cancer Q2

Lau K.Y., Yasin S.Z.M., Ker P.J., Mansoor A., Abdul-Rashid H.A., Mustapha Kamil Y., Mahdi M.A.

L-band Q-switched fiber laser with gallium/thulium-doped silica fiber saturable absorber Optics and Laser Technology Q-switching; Fiber laser; Gallium; Thulium-doped fiber; Saturable absorber Q2

Shehu U.E., Chow T.Q., Hafid H.S., Mokhtar M.N., Baharuddin A.S., Nawi N.M.

Kinetics of thermal hydrolysis of crude palm oil with mass and heat transfer in a closed system Food and Bioproducts Processing Crude palm oil; Palm fruit; Thermal hydrolysis; Triglycerides; Free fatty acid Q2
51 Abdul Manaf R., Dickson N., Lovell S., Ibrahim F.

Consistent condom use and its predictors among female sexual Partners of People who Inject Drugs in Klang Valley, Malaysia

BMC Public Health Condom use; Sexual partners; MWID; Malaysia; HIV risk Q2
52 Ghaleb M., Subramaniam S., Ghaleb S.M.

An adaptive data gathering algorithm for minimum travel route planning in WSNs based on Rendezvous Points

Symmetry mobile element; WSN; rendezvous node; data gathering; tour length Q2
53 Lau K.S., Ginting R.T., Tan S.T., Chin S.X., Zakaria S., Chia C.H.

Sodium cholate as efficient green reducing agent for graphene oxide via flow reaction for flexible supercapacitor electrodes

Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics Graphene oxide; flow synthesis; supercapacitor; electrochemical; reducing agent Q2
54 Devasvaran K., Tan J.J., Ng C.T., Fong L.Y., Yong Y.K.

Malaysian Tualang Honey Inhibits Hydrogen Peroxide-Induced Endothelial Hyperpermeability

Oxidative medicine and cellular longevity Malaysian tualang honey; oxidative stress; vascular hyperpermeability; Human umbilical vein endothelial cell (HUVEC) Q2
55 Ijam H.M., Ibrahim Z.B.

Diagonally implicit block backward differentiation formula with optimal stability properties for stiff Ordinary Differential Equations

Symmetry optimal stability properties; diagonally implicit; block backward differentiation formula; stiff ODEs Q2

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