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1 Kian L.K., Jawaid M., Ariffin H., Karim Z., Sultan M.T.H. Morphological, physico-chemical, and thermal properties of cellulose nanowhiskers from roselle fibers

Roselle; Cellulose nanowhisker; Morphology; Crystallinity; Thermal stability 

Cellulose Q1
2 Ramlee N.A., Jawaid M., Zainudin E.S., Yamani S.A.K. Tensile, physical and morphological properties of oil palm empty fruit bunch/sugarcane bagasse fibre reinforced phenolic hybrid composites

Oil palm empty fruit bunch; Sugarcane bagasse; Phenolic resin hybrid composite; Tensile properties; Physical properties

Journal of Materials Research and Technology Q1
3 Naveen J., Jawaid M., Zainudin E.S., Sultan M.T.H., Yahaya R., Abdul Majid M.S. Thermal degradation and viscoelastic properties of Kevlar/Cocos nucifera sheath reinforced epoxy hybrid composites

Kevlar; Cocos nucifera sheath; Hybrid composites; Thermal analysis; Viscoelastic properties

Composite Structures Q1
4 Bharath K.N., Sanjay M.R., Jawaid M., Harisha, Basavarajappa S., Siengchin S. Effect of stacking sequence on properties of coconut leaf sheath/jute/E-glass reinforced phenol formaldehyde hybrid composites

Coconut leaf sheath; jute; E-glass; phenol formaldehyde; hand lay-up; hybrid composites

Journal of Industrial Textiles Q1
5 Chee S.S., Jawaid M., Sultan M.T.H., Alothman O.Y., Abdullah L.C. Evaluation of the hybridization effect on the thermal and thermo-oxidative stability of bamboo/kenaf/epoxy hybrid composites

Bamboo fiber; Kenaf fiber; Hybrid composites; Thermal stability; Thermo-oxidative stability 

Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry Q2
6 Manimaran P., Sanjay M.R., Senthamaraikannan P., Jawaid M., Saravanakumar S.S., George R. Synthesis and characterization of cellulosic fiber from red banana peduncle as reinforcement for potential applications

Red banana peduncle fiber; thermal properties; structural properties; chemical analysis; tensile properties

Journal of Natural Fibers Q2
7 Ismail A.S., Jawaid M., Naveen J. Void content, tensile, vibration and acoustic properties of kenaf/bamboo fiber reinforced epoxy hybrid composites

hybrid composites; kenaf; bamboo; acoustic properties; vibration; tensile properties; void content

Materials Q2
8 Alshammari B.A., Saba N., Alotaibi M.D., Alotibi M.F., Jawaid M., Alothman O.Y. Evaluation of mechanical, physical, and morphological properties of epoxy composites reinforced with different date palm fillers

date palm tree; leaf sheath fiber; epoxy; water absorption test; mechanical strength; morphological properties

Materials Q2
9 Hasan M., Lai T.K., Gopakumar D.A., Jawaid M., Owolabi F.A.T., Mistar E.M., Alfatah T., Noriman N.Z., Haafiz M.K.M., Abdul Khalil H.P.S. Micro Crystalline Bamboo Cellulose Based Seaweed Biodegradable Composite Films for Sustainable Packaging Material

Eco-friendly; Microcrystalline cellulose; Composite films; Sustainable packaging material 

Journal of Polymers and the Environment Q2
10 Nor A.F.M., Sultan M.T.H., Jawaid M., Azmi A.M.R., Shah A.U.M.

Analysing impact properties of CNT filled bamboo/glass hybrid nanocomposites through drop-weight impact testing, UWPI and compression-after-impact behaviour

Hybrid; Impact behaviour; Ultrasonic; Carbon nanotubes (CNT) Composites Part B: Engineering Q1
11 Mariam M., Afendi M., Abdul Majid M.S., Ridzuan M.J.M., Sultan M.T.H., Jawaid M., Gibson A.G.

Hydrothermal ageing effect on the mechanical behaviour and fatigue response of aluminium alloy/glass/epoxy hybrid composite single lap joints

Glass fibre; Aluminium alloy; Epoxy; Environmental effect; Fatigue strength; Hybrid joint Composite Structures Q1
12 Hassan M.Z., Sapuan S.M., Roslan S.A., Aziz S.A., Sarip S. Optimization of tensile behavior of banana pseudo-stem (Musa acuminate) fiber reinforced epoxy composites using response surface methodology

Banana fiber; Optimization; Response surface methodology; Box–Behnken design; Composite

Journal of Materials Research and Technology Q1
13 Alaaeddin M.H., Sapuan S.M., Zuhri M.Y.M., Zainudin E.S., AL-Oqla F.M. Lightweight and durable PVDF-SSPF composites for photovoltaics backsheet applications: Thermal, optical and technical properties

photovoltaic applications; backsheets; natural fiber composites; optical properties; thermal properties; technical properties

Materials Q2
14 Asadi S., Abdullah R., Yah Y., Nazir S.

Understanding Institutional Repository in Higher Learning Institutions: A Systematic Literature Review and Directions for Future Research

Institutional repositories; systematic literature review; IRs; university IEEE Access Q1
15 Qasem Y.A.M., Abdullah R., Jusoh Y.Y., Atan R., Asadi S. Cloud Computing Adoption in Higher Education Institutions: A Systematic Review

Cloud computing; adoption; higher education institutions; systematic literature review; taxonomy

IEEE Access Q1
16 Saeed O.A., Sazili A.Q., Akit H., Ebrahimi M., Alimon A.R., Samsudin A.A. Effects of corn supplementation on meat quality and fatty acid composition of Dorper lambs fed PKC-Urea treated rice straw

Palm Kernel Cake; Meat Quality; Fatty Acid; Corn; Dorper Lambs

BMC Veterinary Research Q1
17 Han H., Lee K.-S., Chua B.-L., Lee S., Kim W. Role of airline food quality, price reasonableness, image, satisfaction, and attachment in building re-flying intention

In-flight food and beverage; Full-service airline; QualityPassenger; Re-flying intention

International Journal of Hospitality Management Q1
18 Rajoo K.S., Karam D.S., Abdul Aziz N.A. Developing an effective forest therapy program to manage academic stress in conservative societies: A multi-disciplinary approach

Academic stress; Blood pressure; Conservative societies; Forest therapy; Resource-based tourism

Urban Forestry and Urban Greening Q1

Faridah-Hanum I., Yusoff F.M., Fitrianto A., Ainuddin N.A., Gandaseca S., Zaiton S., Norizah K., Nurhidayu S., Roslan M.K., Hakeem K.R., Shamsuddin I., Adnan I., Awang Noor A.G., Balqis A.R.S., Rhyma P.P., Siti Aminah I., Hilaluddin F., Fatin R., Harun N.Z.N.

Development of a comprehensive mangrove quality index (MQI) in Matang Mangrove: Assessing mangrove ecosystem health Ecosystem health; Mangrove quality index; Marine biota; Soil; Hydrology; Socio-economy Ecological Indicators Q1

Tajfard M., Tavakoly Sany S.B., Avan A., Latiff L.A., Rahimi H.R., Moohebati M., Hasanzadeh M., Ghazizadeh H., Esmaeily H., Doosti H., Taghipour A., Ghayour-Mobarhan M., Ferns G.A., Emamian M., Bin Abd Mutalib M.S.

Relationship between serum high sensitivity C-reactive protein with angiographic severity of coronary artery disease and traditional cardiovascular risk factors angiography; biomarker; coronary artery disease; hs‐CRP; traditional risk factor Journal of Cellular Physiology Q1
21 Ibrahim I., Lim H.N., Huang N.M. Cellulose acetate beads modified with cadmium sulfide and Methylene blue for adsorbent-assisted photoelectrochemical detection of copper(II) ions

Adsorption Photoelectrochemical assay; Dual-functional; Photosensor-adsorbent; Cellulose acetate/cadmium sulfide/methylene blue; Copper ions 

Microchimica Acta Q1
22 Haida Z., Syahida A., Ariff S.M., Maziah M., Hakiman M.

Factors Affecting Cell Biomass and Flavonoid Production of Ficus deltoidea var. kunstleri in Cell Suspension Culture System

biomass; flavonoid; Ficus deltoidea var. kunstleri Scientific reports Q1

Zainol Abidin N.H., Abu Bakar M.H., Mustapha Kamil Y., Abas A.F., Alresheedi M.T., Mahdi M.A.

Open Cavity Hybrid Raman-Erbium Random Fiber Laser with Common Pump Fiber lasers; Raman scattering; random fiber lasers; Rayleigh scattering; erbium IEEE Access Q1
24 Zude-Sasse M., Hashim N., Hass R., Polley N., Regen C. Validation study for measuring absorption and reduced scattering coefficients by means of laser-induced backscattering imaging

Absorption; European pear; Fruit quality; Phantoms; Reduced scattering coefficient; Scattering; Spatially resolved spectroscopy

Postharvest Biology and Technology Q1
25 Mohd Shukri N.H., Wells J., Eaton S., Mukhtar F., Petelin A., Jenko-Pražnikar Z., Fewtrell M.

Randomized controlled trial investigating the effects of a breastfeeding relaxation intervention on maternal psychological state, breast milk outcomes, and infant behavior and growth

lactation; milk intake; milk cortisol; maternal stress; infant weight; parent–offspring signalling American Journal of Clinical Nutrition Q1
26 Emami Moghaddam S.A., Harun R., Mokhtar M.N., Zakaria R. Stability improvement of algal-alginate beads by zeolite molecular sieves 13X

Chlorella-Alginate Beads; Stability; Zeolite molecular sieves 13X

International Journal of Biological Macromolecules Q1
27 Rozaini M.N.H., Semail N.-F., Saad B., Kamaruzaman S., Abdullah W.N., Rahim N.A., Miskam M., Loh S.H., Yahaya N. Molecularly imprinted silica gel incorporated with agarose polymer matrix as mixed matrix membrane for separation and preconcentration of sulfonamide antibiotics in water samples

Sulfonamide antibiotics; Molecularly imprinted silica gel; Mixed matrix membrane; High performance liquid chromatography; Environmental water

Talanta Q1
28 Muda N.A., Yoshida H., Ishak H., Ismail M.H.S., Izhar S. Conversion of oil palm trunk into bio-oil via treatment with subcritical water

Subcritical water treatment; oil palm trunk; bio-oil; heating value

Journal of Wood Chemistry and Technology Q1
29 Jamilu Bala Ahmed I.I., Pradhan B., Mansor S., Tongjura J.D.C., Yusuf B. Multi-criteria evaluation of suitable sites for termite mounds construction in a tropical lowland

Termite mounds; Multi-criteria evaluation; GIS; Geology; Water table

Catena Q1
30 Goh K.M., Wong Y.H., Ang M.Y., Yeo S.C.M., Abas F., Lai O.M., Tan C.P. Comparison assessment between SIM and MRM mode in the analysis of 3-MCPD ester, 2-MCPD ester and glycidyl ester

Food safety; GC MS/MS; Glycidyl ester; MCPD ester; Multiple reactions monitoring; Limit of detection; Limit of quantification

Food Research International Q1
31 Rahimipour S., Zhang R., Wang K., Skadron K., Rokhani F.Z.B., Stan M.R. MTTF Enhancement Power-C4 Bump Placement Optimization

Controlled collapse chip connection (C4) bump; electromigration (EM); mean-time-to-failure (MTTF); simulated annealing; temperature.

IEEE Transactions on Very Large Scale Integration (VLSI) Systems Q2
32 Abdul-Hamid N.A., Abas F., Maulidiani M., Ismail I.S., Tham C.L., Swarup S., Umashankar S. NMR metabolomics for evaluating passage number and harvesting effects on mammalian cell metabolome

NMR metabolomics; RAW 264.7 cells; Adherent mammalian cells; Cell harvest; Passage number

Analytical Biochemistry Q2
33 Ibrahim I.R., Hashim M., Ismail I., Matori K.A., Azis R.S., Nazlan R., Abdullah N.H., Wan Ab Rahman W.N., Mohd Idris F., Mat Daud N.H.

Systematic microstructural development with thermal diffusivity behaviour from nanometric to micronic grains of strontium titanate

Thermal diffusivity; Thermal conductivity; Microstructure; Strontium titanate  Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry Q2
34 Chew S.Y., Chee W.J.Y., Than L.T.L.

The glyoxylate cycle and alternative carbon metabolism as metabolic adaptation strategies of Candida glabrata: Perspectives from Candida albicans and Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Candida; Candida glabrata; Carbon metabolism; Glyoxylate cycle; Metabolic adaptation; Pathogenesis; virulence; yeast. Journal of Biomedical Science Q2
35 Abdulhussain S.H., Ramli A.R., Mahmmod B.M., Saripan M.I., Al-Haddad S.A.R., Jassim W.A. Shot boundary detection based on orthogonal polynomial

Shot boundary detection; Temporal video segmentation; Hard transition; Abrupt transition; Orthogonal polynomial; Orthogonal moments

Multimedia Tools and Applications Q2
36 Galavi H., Kamal M.R., Mirzaei M., Ebrahimian M.

Assessing the contribution of different uncertainty sources in streamflow projections

Hydrological; climate model; streamflow Theoretical and Applied Climatology Q2
37 Chan S.-N., Bakar N.A., Mahmood M., Chai-Ling H., Shaharuddin N.A. RNA-sequencing of methyl-jasmonate treated turmeric (Curcuma longa) reveals novel protease inhibitor transcripts

Turmeric (Curcuma longa); Protease inhibitor; RNA sequencing

South African Journal of Botany Q2

Talib N., Mohamad N.E., Yeap S.K., Hussin Y., Mubin Aziz M.N., Masarudin M.J., Sharifuddin S.A., Hui Y.W., Ho C.L., Alitheen N.B.

Isolation and characterization of Lactobacillus spp. From kefir samples in Malaysia

lactic acid bacteria; Lactobacillus; kefir; kefir drink; probiotics

Molecules Q2
39 Adnan A., Allaudin Z.N., Hani H., Loh H.-S., Khoo T.-J., Ting K.N., Abdullah R. Virucidal activity of Garcinia parvifolia leaf extracts in animal cell culture

Pseudorabies virus; Ethyl acetate; Ethanol; Hexane; Plaque reduction assay; Cytopathic effect reduction assay; Inhibition assay; Virucidal assay; Selectivity index

BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine Q2
40 He S., Fataf N.A.A., Banerjee S., Sun K. Complexity in the muscular blood vessel model with variable fractional derivative and external disturbances

Muscular blood vessel; ChaosFractional-order model; Complexity analysis

Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications Q2
41 Shaaruddin S., Mahmood Z., Ismail H., Mohd Ghazali H., Hamzah M.Y., Muhammad K. Stability of β-carotene in carrot powder and sugar confection as affected by resistant maltodextrin and octenyl succinate anhydride (OSA) starches

Encapsulation; Powder properties; Degradation kinetics; Confection; β-Carotene 

Journal of Food Science and Technology Q2
42 Lokman M.Q., Shafie S., Shaban S., Ahmad F., Jaafar H., Rosnan R.M., Yahaya H., Abdullah S.S. Enhancing photocurrent performance based on photoanode thickness and surface plasmon resonance using Ag-TiO2 nanocomposites in dye-sensitized solar cells

dye-sensitized solar cells; photoanode thickness; silver nanoparticles; surface plasmon resonance; Ag-TiO2

Materials Q2
43 Md Badrul Hisham N.H., Ibrahim M.F., Ramli N., Abd-Aziz S. Production of biosurfactant produced from used cooking oil by Bacillus sp. HIP3 for heavy metals removal

used cooking oil; biosurfactants; Bacillus sp. HIP3; oil-degrading bacteria; surfactants

Molecules Q2

Koh A.E.-H., Alsaeedi H.A., Rashid M.B.A., Lam C., Harun M.H.N., Saleh M.F.B.M., Luu C.D., Kumar S.S., Ng M.H., Isa H.M., Leow S.N., Then K.Y., Bastion M.-L.C., Ali Khan M.S., Mok P.L.

Retinal degeneration rat model: A study on the structural and functional changes in the retina following injection of sodium iodate Electroretinography; Retinal degeneration; Retinal pigment epithelium; Photoreceptors; Sodium iodate Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology B: Biology Q2
45 Ahmad M.S., Mehmood M.A., Luo H., Shen B., Latif M., Ghani W.A.A.K., Alkhattabi N.A., Aloqbi A.A., Jambi E.J., Gull M., Rashid U.

Pyrolysis and thermogravimetric study to elucidate the bioenergy potential of novel feedstock produced on poor soils while keeping the environmental sustainability intact

lignocellulosic biomass; low-cost production; TGA–DSC pyrolysis; isoconversional models; bioenergy potential Sustainability (Switzerland) Q2
46 Tapia J.F.D., Samsatli S., Doliente S.S., Martinez-Hernandez E., Ghani W.A.B.W.A.K., Lim K.L., Shafri H.Z.M., Shaharum N.S.N.B. Design of biomass value chains that are synergistic with the food–energy–water nexus: Strategies and opportunities

Biomass value chains (BVCs); Food–energy–water (FEW) nexus; Mathematical modelling; Biomass supply chains; Optimisation; Process systems engineering; Sustainable land use; Bioenergy

Food and Bioproducts Processing Q2
47 Hisamuddin N., Shaik Mossadeq W.M., Sulaiman M.R., Abas F., Leong S.W., Kamarudin N., Ong H.M., Ahmad Azmi A.F., Ayumi R.R., Talib M.

Anti-edematogenic and anti-granuloma activity of a synthetic curcuminoid analog, 5-(3,4-dihydroxyphenyl)-3-hydroxy-1-(2-hydroxyphenyl)penta-2,4-dien-1-one, in mouse models of inflammation

curcuminoid; synthetic analog; anti-inflammatory; edema; granuloma Molecules Q2
48 Ibrahim Z.B., Noor N.M., Othman K.I.

Fixed coefficient A(α) stable block backward differentiation formulas for stiff ordinary differential equations

fixed coefficient; implicit; stiff Symmetry Q2

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