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1 Lee W.J., Tan C.P., Sulaiman R., Hee Y.Y., Chong G.H. Storage stability and degradation kinetics of bioactive compounds in red palm oil microcapsules produced with solution-enhanced dispersion by supercritical carbon dioxide: A comparison with the spray-drying method Food Chemistry Activation energy; Carbon dioxide; Colorimetry; Degradation; Dispersions; Fatty acids; Food storage; Kinetics; Microencapsulation; Microstructure; Spray drying; Supercritical fluid extraction; Arrhenius equation; Carotene;
2 Islam A., Teo S.H., Awual M.R., Taufiq-Yap Y.H. Assessment of clean H2 energy production from water using novel silicon photocatalyst Journal of Cleaner Production Catalysts; Electronic properties; Energy gap; Hydrogen; Hydrogen bonds; Light; Nanosheets; Photocatalysts; Photocatalytic activity; Silicon; Surface chemistry; Synthesis (chemical); Water pollution; Multiple reflections; 
3 Agus B.A.P., Hussain N., Selamat J. Quantification of PAH4 in roasted cocoa beans using QuEChERS and dispersive liquid-liquid micro-extraction (DLLME) coupled with HPLC-FLD Food Chemistry Acetone; Anthracene; Aromatization; Cocoa; Hydrocarbon refining; Magnesium compounds; Mineral oils; Pyrene; Sodium chloride; Sulfur compounds; Cocoa beans; DLLME; Fluoranthene; HPLC; Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHS); 
4 Fewtrell M.S., Mohd Shukri N.H., Wells J.C.K. 'Optimising' breastfeeding: What can we learn from evolutionary, comparative and anthropological aspects of lactation? BMC Medicine attitude to breast feeding; breast feeding; clinical effectiveness; conflict of interest; crying; cultural factor; human; lactation; maternal attitude; mother child relation; outcome assessment; phenotypic variation; reproductive fitness
5 Abdulredha M.M., Hussain S.A., Abdullah L.C. Optimization of the demulsification of water in oil emulsion via non-ionic surfactant by the response surface methods Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering Bottles; Crude oil; Demulsification; Drops; Emulsification; Emulsions; Petroleum industry; Pressure drop; Surface active agents; Surface properties; Toluene; Central composite designs; Cost of productions; Oil and gas platforms; Optimal conditions; Propargyl alcohol; Response surface method; Triethylene glycol; Water in oil emulsions; Analysis of variance (ANOVA); alcohol; design; emulsion; optimization; pressure drop; response surface methodology; surfactant; temperature; toluene; water
6 Moradpour M., Abdulah S.N.A. CRISPR/dCas9 platforms in plants: strategies and applications beyond genome editing Plant Biotechnology Journal  
7 Ismail N.A.H., Wee S.Y., Haron D.E.M., Kamarulzaman N.H., Aris A.Z. Occurrence of endocrine disrupting compounds in mariculture sediment of Pulau Kukup, Johor, Malaysia Marine Pollution Bulletin Endocrinology; Health risks; Marine biology; Phenols; Sediments; Endocrine disrupting compound; Environmental health concern; Living organisms; Malaysia; Mariculture zone; Phenolic compounds; Sediment samples; Soxhlet extraction
8 Abral H., Ariksa J., Mahardika M., Handayani D., Aminah I., Sandrawati N., Pratama A.B., Fajri N., Sapuan S.M., Ilyas R.A. Transparent and antimicrobial cellulose film from ginger nanofiber Food Hydrocolloids  
9 Hilo A.K., Abu Talib A.R., Acosta Iborra A., Hameed Sultan M.T., Abdul Hamid M.F. Effect of corrugated wall combined with backward-facing step channel on fluid flow and heat transfer Energy Facings; Finite volume method; Flow of fluids; Friction; Heat flux; Reynolds number; Backward facing step; Backward facing step channel; Corrugated wall; Fluid flow and heat transfers; Heat transfer augmentation
10 Rusly S.N.A., Ismail I., Matori K.A., Abbas Z., Shaari A.H., Awang Z., Ibrahim I.R., Idris F.M., Mohd Zaid M.H., Mahmood M.K.A., Hasan I.H. Influence of different BFO filler content on microwave absorption performances in BiFeO3/epoxy resin composites Ceramics International Antiferromagnetism; Ball milling; Bismuth compounds; Dielectric losses; Epoxy resins; Fillers; Microwaves; Powders; Sintering; BiFeO3; Magnetic; Microwave absorbers; Multiferroics; Reflection loss; Iron compounds
11 Khor Y.P., Sim B.I., Abas F., Lai O.M., Wang Y., Nehdi I.A., Sbihi H.M., Gewik M.M., Tan C.P. Influence of carbohydrate- and protein-based foods on the formation of polar lipid fraction during deep-frying Food Control  
12 He C., Levis B., Riehm K.E., Saadat N., Levis A.W., Azar M., Rice D.B., Krishnan A., Wu Y., Sun Y., Imran M., Boruff J., Cuijpers P., Gilbody S., Ioannidis J.P.A., Kloda L.A., McMillan D., Patten S.B., Shrier I., Ziegelstein R.C., Akena D.H., Arroll B., Ayalon L., Baradaran H.R., Baron M., Beraldi A., Bombardier C.H., Butterworth P., Carter G., Chagas M.H.N., Chan J.C.N., Cholera R., Clover K., Conwell Y., De Man-Van Ginkel J.M., Fann J.R., Fischer F.H., Fung D., Gelaye B., Goodyear-Smith F., Greeno C.G., Hall B.J., Harrison P.A., Härter M., Hegerl U., Hides L., Hobfoll S.E., Hudson M., Hyphantis T.N., Inagaki M., Ismail K., Jetté N., Khamseh M.E., Kiely K.M., Kwan Y., Lamers F., Liu S.-I., Lotrakul M., Loureiro S.R., Löwe B., Marsh L., McGuire A., Mohd-Sidik S., Munhoz T.N., Muramatsu K., Osório F.L., Patel V., Pence B.W., Persoons P., Picardi A., Reuter K., Rooney A.G., Da Silva Dos Santos I.S., Shaaban J., Sidebottom A., Simning A., Stafford L., Sung S., Tan P.L.L., Turner A., Van Weert H.C.P.M., White J., Whooley M.A., Winkley K., Yamada M., Thombs B.D., Benedetti A. The Accuracy of the Patient Health Questionnaire-9 Algorithm for Screening to Detect Major Depression: An Individual Participant Data Meta-Analysis Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics accuracy; algorithm; Article; diagnostic test accuracy study; human; major depression; meta analysis; neuropsychiatry; Patient Health Questionnaire 9; prevalence; priority journal; screening; semi structured interview; sensitivity and specificity; systematic review




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