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UI-Greenmetric Ranking, UPM is Asia’s 3rd Best and World’s Top 32nd Place

SERDANG, January 3 - Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) made world history when it was ranked 32nd best in the world in the rating of UI-Greenmetric World University Ranking 2018 based on sustainability of green campus and environmental management. The decision also placed UPM third in Asia, second in Southeast Asia and maintains first position within the country for nine consecutive years since the ranking was introduced in 2010.

The ratings that measure commitment of every university in developing environmentally-friendly infrastructure successfully attracted the participation of 719 universities worldwide. The four Malaysian universities in top 100 were Universiti Malaya at 36th position, Universiti Malaysia Sabah (71), Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (70) and Universiti Malaysia Pahang (97).

The UI-Greenmetric rating which assesses environmental sustainability, has more than 40 indicators covering 6 major scopes namely, land size and infrastructure (15%), energy and climate change (21%), waste (18%), water (10%), transportation (18%) and education (18%).

UPM Vice Chancellor, Prof. Datin Paduka Dato’ Dr. Aini Ideris commented that the success shows UPM’s commitment towards conservation and preservation of the environment through a range of effective environmental management, coaching, curriculum and quality based management systems.

“UPM indicated an increase especially in transport and infrastructure indicators such as size and infrastructure of green land size besides efficient use of energy and increase in facilities and use of bicycles on campus,” she said.

Results announced by the ranking organisers, Universitas Indonesia (UI) on the 19th December 2018 saw American and European universities dominating the top 20 rankings. - UPM

Further information http://greenmetric.ui.ac.id/overall-ranking-2018/


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