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DLC Series 6.0: Engineering Plants To Improve Rice Production In A Changing Environment

November 2, 2018 – With the themed Empowering Agriculture, Faculty of Agriculture and Research Management Centre (RMC), Universiti Putra Malaysia have collaborated to organize a DLC Series 6.0 entitled 'Engineering Plants To Improve Rice Production In A Changing Environment'. All researchers within and outside of Universiti Putra Malaysia were invited to attend and the number of attendees reached 147 people. The lecture was held at the Auditorium Rashdan Baba, TNCPI Office Building, beginning at 9 am until noon. Also present was the Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture, Prof. Dr. Abdul Shukor Juraimi and Deputy Director of RMC, Assoc. Prof. Ir. Dr. Aduwati Sali as guests of honor.

An academic guest who specializes in plant development and crop improvement, Prof. Dr. Andrew Fleming from The University of Sheffield, UK, has been invited as the speaker. He is active in publishing research papers and has h-index score: 30. His lecture is related to his latest research which is rice production. He is also in the process generating Challenge-led Grants titled ‘Breeding Rice Resilient to a High CO2 Future’ which also comprises researchers from the Faculty of Agriculture and external agencies.

Apart from the open lecture, a closed group discussion was held in the afternoon at the Board Room, TNCPI Office Building. This discussion was attended by UPM researchers as well as the industry discussing research and collaboration opportunities.

The DLC Series 6.0 is also being held with the aim of establishing international cooperation for further agricultural research at UPM, conducting research collaboration with national agriculture-related institutions, providing opportunities for academic staff of UPM to carry out significant research to produce output through interdisciplinary research efforts, assisting UPM's academic officers to produce high quality publications, and establish long-term academic collaboration between UPM and University of Sheffield in agriculture.

It is hoped that through the DLC program, international collaboration between UPM researchers, external agencies, and the University of Sheffield will be more vibrant in efforts to empower the country's agriculture.

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