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1 Sharifinia M., Afshari Bahmanbeigloo Z., Smith W.O., Jr., Yap C.K., Keshavarzifard M. Prevention is better than cure: Persian Gulf biodiversity vulnerability to the impacts of desalination plants Global Change Biology Anthozoa; Echinodermata; Anthozoa; biodiversity; coral reef; ecology; Indian Ocean; salinity; Anthozoa; Biodiversity; Coral Reefs; Ecology; Indian Ocean; Salinity TOP 1%
2 Saad S.M., Abdullah J., Rashid S.A., Fen Y.W., Salam F., Yih L.H. A fluorescence quenching based gene assay for Escherichia coli O157:H7 using graphene quantum dots and gold nanoparticles Microchimica Acta fliC gene, Fluorophore, Food pathogens, Quencher, Real samples, Selectivity, Static quenching TOP10%
3 Elsoragaby S., Yahya A., Mahadi M.R., Nawi N.M., Mairghany M. Analysis of energy use and greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) of transplanting and broadcast seeding wetland rice cultivation Energy Broadcasting; Chemical analysis; Gas emissions; Machinery; Mechanization; Nitrogen fertilizers; Seed;  TOP10%
4 Ahmad Farid M.A., Roslan A.M., Hassan M.A., Aziz Ujang F., Mohamad Z., Hasan M.Y., Yoshihito S. Convective sludge drying by rotary drum dryer using waste steam for palm oil mill effluent treatment Journal of Cleaner Production Air pollution; Biochemical oxygen demand; Dryers (equipment); Drying; Effluent treatment; Effluents; TOP10%
5 Zahedi Khameneh A., Kilicman A. A fuzzy majority-based construction method for composed aggregation functions by using combination operator Information Sciences Artificial intelligence; Software engineering; Aggregation functions; Binomial coefficients;  TOP10%
6 Ruby G.E., Ungku Zainal Abidin U.F., Lihan S., Jambari N.N., Radu S. Predicting intention on safe food handling among adult consumers: A cross sectional study in Sibu district, Malaysia Food Control Food safety knowledge, IntentionPLS-SEM, Safe food handling, Theory of planned behavior TOP10%
7 Choo T.F., Mohd Salleh M.A., Kok K.Y., Matori K.A. Modified cenospheres as non-sacrificial pore-forming agent for porous mullite ceramics Ceramics International Alumina; Aluminum chloride; Aluminum oxide; Ceramic materials; Coal; Fossil fuel power plants; Graphite; Porosity TOP10%
8 Mohd Abdah M.A.A., Azman N.H.N., Kulandaivalu S., Abdul Rahman N., Abdullah A.H., Sulaiman Y. Potentiostatic deposition of poly(3, 4-ethylenedioxythiophene) and manganese oxide on porous functionalised carbon fibers as an advanced electrode for asymmetric supercapacitor Journal of Power Sources Carbon fibers; Electrodes; Manganese oxide; Oxides; Potassium compounds; Supercapacitor; TOP10%
9 Constable P.D., Megahed A.A., Hiew M.W.H. Measurement of urine pH and net acid excretion and their association with urine calcium excretion in periparturient dairy cows Journal of Dairy Science urine dipstick, pH paper, net acid excretion, acidogenic diet, hypercalciuria TOP10%
10 Kulandaivalu S., Suhaimi N., Sulaiman Y. Unveiling high specific energy supercapacitor from layer-by-layer assembled polypyrrole/graphene oxide|polypyrrole/manganese oxide electrode material Scientific Reports   Q1
11 Mohd Abdah M.A.A., Azman N.H.N., Kulandaivalu S., Sulaiman Y. Asymmetric supercapacitor of functionalised electrospun carbon fibers/poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene)/manganese oxide//activated carbon with superior electrochemical performance Scientific Reports nanofiber, supercapacitor Q1
12 Mustafa M.N., Shafie S., Wahid M.H., Sulaiman Y. Light scattering effect of polyvinyl-alcohol/titanium dioxide nanofibers in the dye-sensitized solar cell Scientific Reports solar cell Q1
13 Muhammad N.A., Karim M.K.A., Hassan H.A., Kamarudin M.A., Wong J.H.D., Ibahim M.J. Estimation of effective dose and organ cancer risk from paediatric computed tomography thorax – Abdomen - Pelvis examinations Radiation Physics and Chemistry Diseases; Pediatrics; Risk perception; Anatomical locations; Body mass index; Cancer risk; Dose-length products Q1
14 Sabarudin A., Siong T.W., Chin A.W., Hoong N.K., Karim M.K.A. A comparison study of radiation effective dose in ECG-Gated Coronary CT Angiography and calcium scoring examinations performed with a dual-source CT scanner Scientific Reports Dual-source CT, Retrospective ECG-gating, Heart rate, Radiation dose, Coronary CT angiography, Calcium scoring Q1
15 Musa Y., Hashim S., Ghoshal S.K., Ahmad N.E., Bradley D.A., Karim M.K.A., Sabarudin A. Effectiveness of Al2O3:C OSL dosimeter towards entrance surface dose measurement in common X-ray diagnostics Radiation Physics and Chemistry Alumina; Aluminum oxide; Diagnostic radiography; Dosimeters; Electrostatic devices; Luminescence; Nanodots Q1
16 Hedayatnia S., Tan C.P., Joanne Kam W.-L., Tan T.B., Mirhosseini H. Modification of physicochemical and mechanical properties of a new bio-based gelatin composite films through composition adjustment and instantizing process LWT Fluidization; Fluidized beds; Glycerol; Mammals; Optimization; Physicochemical properties; Proteins Q1
17 Goh K.M., Wong Y.H., Abas F., Lai O.M., Cheong L.Z., Wang Y., Wang Y., Tan C.P. Effects of shortening and baking temperature on quality, MCPD ester and glycidyl ester content of conventional baked cake LWT Bakeries; Esters; Fatty acids; Food safety; Moisture; Petroleum refining; Textures; Baking process; Baking temperature Q1
18 Khor Y.P., Sim B.I., Abas F., Lai O.M., Wang Y., Nehdi I.A., Sbihi H.M., Gewik M.M., Tan C.P. Evaluation of quality parameters for fresh, used and recycled palm olein Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture palm oil; triacylglycerol; chemistry; cooking; oxidation reduction reaction; quality control; recycling Q1
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20 Zaborowski M.P., Cheah P.S., Zhang X., Bushko I., Lee K., Sammarco A., Zappulli V., Maas S.L.N., Allen R.M., Rumde P., György B., Aufiero M., Schweiger M.W., Lai C.P.-K., Weissleder R., Lee H., Vickers K.C., Tannous B.A., Breakefield X.O. Membrane-bound Gaussia luciferase as a tool to track shedding of membrane proteins from the surface of extracellular vesicles Scientific Reports   Q1
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22 Razak N.A., Abu N., Ho W.Y., Zamberi N.R., Tan S.W., Alitheen N.B., Long K., Yeap S.K. Cytotoxicity of eupatorin in MCF-7 and MDA-MB-231 human breast cancer cells via cell cycle arrest, anti-angiogenesis and induction of apoptosis Scientific Reports TNBC, Apoptosis, anti-proliferative, eupatorin, MCF-7, MDA-MB-231 Q1
23 Teo S.H., Yap D.K.Y., Mansir N., Islam A., Taufiq-Yap Y.H. Facile Recoverable and Reusable Macroscopic Alumina Supported Ni-based Catalyst for Efficient Hydrogen Production Scientific Reports Alumina, Hydrogen, Macroscopic catalyst, Nickel, Gasification Q1
24 Mastuli M.S., Kamarulzaman N., Kasim M.F., Mahat A.M., Matsumura Y., Taufiq-Yap Y.H. Catalytic supercritical water gasification of oil palm frond biomass using nanosized MgO doped Zn catalysts Journal of Supercritical Fluids Biomass; Crystallite size; Gasification; Hydrogen; Hydrogen production; Magnesia; Metals; Palm oil; Rietveld refinement Q1
25 Salim H., Young I., Shariff Ghazali S., Lee P.Y., Ramdzan S.N., Pinnock H. Protocol for a systematic review of interventions addressing health literacy to improve asthma self-management npj Primary Care Respiratory Medicine asthma; clinical outcome; data analysis; data base; data extraction; health literacy; human; information processing Q1
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27 Baby R., Saifullah B., Hussein M.Z. Palm Kernel Shell as an effective adsorbent for the treatment of heavy metal contaminated water Scientific Reports Environmental impact, Environmental monitoring Q1
28 Md. Tahir P., Liew W.-P.-P., Lee S.Y., Ang A.F., Lee S.H., Mohamed R., Halis R. Diversity and characterization of lignocellulolytic fungi isolated from oil palm empty fruit bunch, and identification of influencing factors of natural composting process Waste Management Cellulose; Composting; Enzymes; Fruits; Fungi; Lignin; Moisture; Moisture determination; Palm oil Q1
29 Mohd Yusof N., Md Tahir P., Lee S.H., Khan M.A., Mohammad Suffian James R. Mechanical and physical properties of Cross-Laminated Timber made from Acacia mangium wood as function of adhesive types Journal of Wood Science Adhesives; Bending (forming); Compaction; Delamination; Elastic moduli; Failure modes; Laminating; Mechanical properties Q1
30 Zakaria Z.A., Kamisan F.H., Nasir N.M., Teh L.K., Salleh M.O. Aqueous partition of methanolic extract of Dicranopteris linearis leaves protects against liver damage induced by paracetamol Nutrients alanine aminotransferase; antioxidant; aspartate aminotransferase; bilirubin; catalase; Dicranopteris linearis extract Q1
31 Zaman K., Rahim F., Taha M., Wadood A., Shah S.A.A., Ahmed Q.U., Zakaria Z.A. Synthesis of new isoquinoline-base-oxadiazole derivatives as potent inhibitors of thymidine phosphorylase and molecular docking study Scientific Reports isoquinoline-base-oxadiazole derivatives, inhibitors of thymidine phosphorylase, molecular docking study Q1
32 Wan Mohd Tajuddin W.N.B., Lajis N.H., Abas F., Othman I., Naidu R. Mechanistic Understanding of Curcumin's Therapeutic Effects in Lung Cancer Nutrients anti-cancer, curcumin, lung cancer, molecular mechanism Q1
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34 Sulaiman S., Mokhtar M.N., Nor M.Z.M., Yunos K.F.M., Naim M.N. Mass transfer with reaction kinetics of the biocatalytic membrane reactor using a fouled covalently immobilised enzyme layer (α–CGTase–CNF layer) Biochemical Engineering Journal Association reactions; Bioreactors; Enzymes; Kinetics; Rate constants; Starch; Substrates Q1
35 Mohd Nasir F.A., Praveena S.M., Aris A.Z. Public awareness level and occurrence of pharmaceutical residues in drinking water with potential health risk: A study from Kajang (Malaysia) Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety amoxicillin; caffeine; chloramphenicol; ciprofloxacin; dexamethasone; diclofenac; drinking water; nitrofural Q1
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39 Abd. Kharim M.N., Wayayok A., Mohamed Shariff A.R., Abdullah A.F., Husin E.M. Droplet deposition density of organic liquid fertilizer at low altitude UAV aerial spraying in rice cultivation Computers and Electronics in Agriculture Antennas; Crops; Cultivation; Deposition; Drops; Fertilizers; Liquids; Speed; Agricultural activities; Crop fertilization Q1
40 Azuan N.H., Khairunniza-Bejo S., Abdullah A.F., Kassim M.S.M., Ahmad D. Analysis of Changes in Oil Palm Canopy Architecture From Basal Stem Rot Using Terrestrial Laser Scanner Plant disease Arecaceae; Ganoderma; laser; microbiology; physiology; plant stem; remote sensing; Arecaceae; Ganoderma Q1
41 Mustaffa M.S., Azis R.S., Abdullah N.H., Ismail I., Ibrahim I.R. An investigation of microstructural, magnetic and microwave absorption properties of multi-walled carbon nanotubes/Ni0.5Zn0.5Fe2O4 Scientific Reports   Q1
42 Lim K.C., Yusoff F.M., Shariff M., Kamarudin M.S. Dietary administration of astaxanthin improves feed utilization, growth performance and survival of Asian seabass, Lates calcarifer (Bloch, 1790) Aquaculture Nutrition Asian seabass, astaxanthin, feed utilization, growth hormone, growth performance, survival Q1
43 Haida Z., Syahida A., Ariff S.M., Maziah M., Hakiman M. Factors Affecting Cell Biomass and Flavonoid Production of Ficus deltoidea var. kunstleri in Cell Suspension Culture System Scientific Reports   Q1
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