No. Authors Title of Article Keywords Title of Journal Quartile
1 Ong C., Deprés G., Hollebecq J.-E., Shaiffudin Hishamudin M.O., Kamaruddin N., Anugerah A.R., Amir Mustafa A.N., Roda J.-M. Quantifying the effect of landscape structure on transport costs for biorefinery of agricultural and forestry wastes in Malaysia bioenergy; biomass; biorefinery; feedstock; landscape fragmentation; lignocellulose; residues; supply cost; transport cost; wastes Trends in Food Science and Technology JCR Q1 - Top 1%
2 Lim H.J., Saha T., Tey B.T., Tan W.S., Ooi C.W. Quartz crystal microbalance-based biosensors as rapid diagnostic devices for infectious diseases Biosensor; Diagnosis; Infectious disease; Influenza; Quartz crystal microbalance; Virus Computers and Electronics in Agriculture JCR Q1 - Top 1%
3 Mohd Ali M., Hashim N., Aziz S.A., Lasekan O. Emerging non-destructive thermal imaging technique coupled with chemometrics on quality and safety inspection in food and agriculture Agriculture; Chemometrics; Food quality; Safety inspection; Thermal imaging Preventive Veterinary Medicine JCR Q1 - Top 10%
4 Husin N.A., Khairunniza–Bejo S., Abdullah A.F., Kassim M.S.M., Ahmad D. Study of the oil palm crown characteristics associated with Basal Stem Rot (BSR) disease using stratification method of point cloud data Basal stem rot; Crown profile; Crown strata; Oil palm; Point cloud Computers and Electronics in Agriculture JCR Q1 - Top 10%
5 Sadiq M.B., Ramanoon S.Z., Shaik Mossadeq W.M., Mansor R., Syed-Hussain S.S. Cow- and herd-level factors associated with lameness in dairy farms in Peninsular Malaysia Animal welfare; Claw lesions; Claw trimming; Dairy cattle; Lameness International Communications in Heat and Mass Transfer JCR Q1 - Top 10%
6 Amirruddin A.D., Muharam F.M., Ismail M.H., Tan N.P., Ismail M.F. Hyperspectral spectroscopy and imbalance data approaches for classification of oil palm's macronutrients observed from frond 9 and 17 Frond number; Hyperspectral; Macronutrient; Oil palm Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews JCR Q1 - Top 10%
7 Khashi'ie N.S., Arifin N.M., Pop I. Non-Darcy mixed convection of hybrid nanofluid with thermal dispersion along a vertical plate embedded in a porous medium Dual solutions; Hybrid nanofluid; Mixed convection; Non-Darcy porous medium; Numerical solution Journal of Medical Internet Research JCR Q1 - Top 10%
8 Abdullah F.B., Iqbal R., Hyder S.I., Jawaid M. Energy security indicators for Pakistan: An integrated approach Energy security dimensions; Index; Indicators; Policy; Themes Fish and Shellfish Immunology JCR Q1 - Top 10%
9 Mohamad E., Tham J.S., Ayub S.H., Hamzah M.R., Hashim H., Azlan A.A. Relationship between COVID-19 information sources and attitudes in battling the pandemic among the malaysian public: cross-sectional survey study Confidence; COVID-19; Government; Information source; Malaysia; Media; Online information; Social media; Survey GCB Bioenergy JCR Q1 - Top 10%
10 Ravichandran G., Pasupuleti M., Arasu M.V., Al-Dhabi N.A., Arshad A., Arockiaraj J. Innate immune function of serine/threonine-protein kinase from Macrobrachium rosenbergii in response to host-pathogen interactions Cationic antimicrobial peptide; Innate immunity; Macrobrachium rosenbergii; Membrane disruption; Serine threonine-protein kinase Fuel JCR Q1 - Top 10%
11 Soltani S., Khanian N., Shean Yaw Choong T., Rashid U., Arbi Nehdi I., Mohamed Alobre M. PEG-assisted microwave hydrothermal growth of spherical mesoporous Zn-based mixed metal oxide nanocrystalline: Ester production application Mesoporous ZnO-basedcatalyst; Microwave hydrothermal-assisted method; Mixed metal oxides; Polyethylene glycol (PEG); Post-sulfonation treatment; Transesterification of used cooking oil Journal of Cleaner Production JCR Q1 - Top 10%
12 Ismail I.H., Lay C., H.A. Majid N., Lee W.S., Lee B.W., Abdul Latiff A.H., Tina Tan H.T., Knol J., Lee Y.Y. Dietary patterns in childhood and their effect on gut microbiota—an Asian perspective on atopy risk  allergy; Asian; Butyrate; diet; gut microbiota Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology JCR Q1 - Top 10%
13 Mohamad N., Mazlan M.M., Tawakkal I.S.M.A., Talib R.A., Kian L.K., Fouad H., Jawaid M. Development of active agents filled polylactic acid films for food packaging application Essential oil; Meat preservation; Polylactic acid; Thermal behavior Biosensors and Bioelectronics JCR Q1 - Top 10%
14 Ishak M.A.I., Jumbri K., Daud S., Abdul Rahman M.B., Abdul Wahab R., Yamagishi H., Yamamoto Y. Molecular simulation on the stability and adsorption properties of choline-based ionic liquids/IRMOF-1 hybrid composite for selective H2S/CO2 capture Enthalpy; Entropy; Free energy; Hybrid material; IL loading ratio International Journal of Biological Macromolecules JCR Q1 - Top 10%
15 Baharudin K.B., Abdullah N., Taufiq-Yap Y.H., Derawi D. Renewable diesel via solventless and hydrogen-free catalytic deoxygenation of palm fatty acid distillate Deoxygenation; Diesel; NiO–ZnO; Palm fatty acid distillate; Palm oil Journal of Hazardous Materials JCR Q1 - Top 10%
16 Salahuddin M.A.H., Ismail A., Kassim N.K., Hamid M., Ali M.S.M. Phenolic profiling and evaluation of in vitro antioxidant, α-glucosidase and α-amylase inhibitory activities of Lepisanthes fruticosa (Roxb) Leenh fruit extracts Antioxidant; LC-MS/MS; Lepisanthes fruticosa; Phenolics; α-Amylase; α-Glucosidase Journal of Cleaner Production JCR Q1 - Top 10%
17 Rashid R.S.M., Salem S.M., Azreen N.M., Voo Y.L., Haniza M., Shukri A.A., Yahya M.-S. Effect of elevated temperature to radiation shielding of ultra-high performance concrete with silica sand or magnetite Elevated temperature; Magnetite; Radiation; Radiation shielding; Silica sand; Ultra-high performance concrete Food Chemistry JCR Q1 - Top 10%

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