No. Authors Title of Article Keywords Source Title Quartile
1 Yukgehnaish K., Kumar P., Sivachandran P., Marimuthu K., Arshad A., Paray B.A., Arockiaraj J. Gut microbiota metagenomics in aquaculture: factors influencing gut microbiome and its physiological role in fish aquaculturefish metagenomegut microbesgut microbiomeimmunityintestinal microbiota Reviews in Aquaculture JCR Q1 - Top 1%
2 Yoon K.H., Lee H.W., Park S.Y., Yeak R.D.K., Kim J.-S., Park J.-Y. Meniscal Allograft Transplantation After Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction Can Improve Knee Stability: A Comparison of Medial and Lateral Procedures anterior cruciate ligament reconstructioninstabilitymeniscal allograft transplantation American Journal of Sports Medicine JCR Q1 - Top 1%
3 Lee Y.-Y., Tang T.-K., Phuah E.-T., Tan C.-P., Wang Y., Li Y., Cheong L.-Z., Lai O.-M. Production, safety, health effects and applications of diacylglycerol functional oil in food systems: a review Accident prevention; Cooking; Emulsification; Emulsions; Esters; Fatty acids; Glycerol; Lipids; Nutrition; Production; Stereochemistry; Body fat accumulation; Diacylglycerol; Glycidol; Metabolic pathways; obesity; Process development; Structural modifications; Structure and properties; Oils and fats Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition JCR Q1 - Top 10%
4 Lawal A.A., Hassan M.A., Farid M.A.A., Yasim-Anuar T.A.T., Yusoff M.Z.M., Zakaria M.R., Roslan A.M., Mokhtar M.N., Shirai Y. Production of biochar from oil palm frond by steam pyrolysis for removal of residual contaminants in palm oil mill effluent final discharge Adsorption; Chemical oxygen demand; Effluents; Oxygen; Pyrolysis; Wastewater reclamation; Wastewater treatment; Adsorption capacities; Aquatic environments; Brunauer-emmett-teller surface areas; Micro-fine particles; Moderate temperature; Palm oil mill effluents; Residual contaminants; Total suspended solids; Palm oil Journal of Cleaner Production JCR Q1 - Top 10%
5 Chaosap C., Sitthigripong R., Sivapirunthep P., Pungsuk A., Adeyemi K.D., Sazili A.Q. Myosin heavy chain isoforms expression, calpain system and quality characteristics of different muscles in goats Collagen; Degradation; Electrophoresis; Fibers; Physicochemical properties; Sodium compounds; Sulfur compounds; Calpastatin; Glycogen; Sarcomere; SDS-GGE; Troponin t; Muscle; calpain; calpain 1; calpain 2; calpastatin; collagen; isoprotein; myosin heavy chain; troponin T; animal tissue; Article; densitometry; food quality; glycogen analysis; goat; iliopsoas muscle; infraspinatus muscle; longissimus muscle; major histocompatibility complex; male; meat; nonhuman; pH measurement; polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis; protein degradation; protein expression; sarcomere length; supraspinatus muscle; Western blotting; zymography Food Chemistry JCR Q1 - Top 10%
6 Nguyen V.-L., Colella V., Greco G., Fang F., Nurcahyo W., Hadi U.K., Venturina V., Tong K.B.Y., Tsai Y.-L., Taweethavonsawat P., Tiwananthagorn S., Tangtrongsup S., Le T.Q., Bui K.L., Do T., Watanabe M., Rani P.A.M.A., Dantas-Torres F., Halos L., Beugnet F., Otranto D. Molecular detection of pathogens in ticks and fleas collected from companion dogs and cats in East and Southeast Asia Anaplasma platys; animal experiment; article; Babesia; Bartonella; cat; China; Ehrlichia canis; flea; Hepatozoon canis; Indonesia; infectious agent; Malaysia; nonhuman; Philippines; phylogeny; Rhipicephalus sanguineus; Rickettsia felis; Singapore; Taiwan; Thailand; Viet Nam Parasites & vectors JCR Q1 - Top 10%
7 Veerasamy V., Wahab N.I.A., Ramachandran R., Madasamy B., Mansoor M., Othman M.L., Hizam H. A novel RK4-Hopfield Neural Network for Power Flow Analysis of power system Differential equations; Hopfield neural networks; MATLAB; Numerical methods; Sensitivity analysis; System stability; Analytical equations; Computational effort; IEEE 118-bus system; Newton raphson (N R); Nonlinear differential equation; Numerical approaches; Power flow equations; Real and reactive power; Electric load flow Applied Soft Computing Journal JCR Q1 - Top 10%
8 Kian L.K., Saba N., Jawaid M., Alothman O.Y., Fouad H. Properties and characteristics of nanocrystalline cellulose isolated from olive fiber Cellulose derivatives; Cellulose nanocrystals; Crystal structure; Crystallinity; Disintegration; Heat resistance; Nanocellulose; Nanocrystalline materials; Cellulose fibrils; Hydrolysis reaction; Load bearing; Nanocrystalline cellulose; Nanocrystalline cellulose(NCC); Nanoparticle sizes; Pure cellulose; Sustainable materials; Cellulose; Biomass; Cellulose Derivatives; Crystal Structure; Crystallinity; Disintegration; Fibers; Fibrils; Width Carbohydrate Polymers JCR Q1 - Top 10%
9 Kian L.K., Saba N., Jawaid M., Fouad H. Characterization of microcrystalline cellulose extracted from olive fiber hemicellulose; lignin; microcrystalline cellulose; acid hydrolysis; alkaline hydrolysis; Article; biochemical composition; bleaching; controlled study; Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy; heat tolerance; nonhuman; olive; particle size; physical chemistry; plant stem; plant structures; thermal analysis; thermostability; X ray diffraction International Journal of Biological Macromolecules JCR Q1 - Top 10%
10 Alalawi A., Al-Buriahi M.S., Sayyed M.I., Akyildirim H., Arslan H., Zaid M.H.M., Tonguc B.T. Influence of lead and zinc oxides on the radiation shielding properties of tellurite glass systems Atoms; Glass; II-VI semiconductors; Lead oxide; Neutrons; Tellurium compounds; Zinc oxide; Commercial glass; Effective atomic number; GEANT4 simulation; Mass attenuation coefficients; Neutron shielding; Ordinary concretes; Shielding properties; Tellurite glass systems; Radiation shielding Ceramics International JCR Q1 - Top 10%
11 Shamshiri R.R., Bojic I., van Henten E., Balasundram S.K., Dworak V., Sultan M., Weltzien C. Model-based evaluation of greenhouse microclimate using IoT-Sensor data fusion for energy efficient crop production Climate models; Crops; Cultivation; Energy efficiency; Greenhouses; Hydrostatic pressure; Polycarbonates; Sensor data fusion; Sensor nodes; Tropics; Vapor pressure; Different growth stages; Flexible architectures; Greenhouse crop production; Greenhouse microclimate; Model-based evaluation; Optimal control strategy; Production uncertainty; Vapor pressure deficit; Internet of things Journal of Cleaner Production JCR Q1 - Top 10%

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